Narendra Modi represents the cornered Hindu

Is the future of Narendra Modi linked to the Dharmayudha; “The Hindu Jihad” which has been spoken about even by Mahatma Gandhi? Gandhi speaks on how the Hindu Religion, when in a morbid state, will once again burst forth with a new brilliance to swallow up the morbidity which has set in. He also speaks about the timing of this Dharmayudha; it will commence when Hinduism overcomes the fatigue which has come over it.

Fatigue in Hinduism is to be taken in the wider context. If one looks at the current state of Hindus in India, it is crystal clear that it has become a fashion to abuse Hindus, Hindu leaders and anything to do with Hinduism; anyone can get away with it.

The new breed of “Secular” politicians, especially in UP and Bihar have taken Hinduism to a new low, they have overdone it to such an extent, when soon the term Hindu will soon come to be identified as something like a cornered animal. You can poke this animal, to your heart’s content; it just won’t react.

Coming back to Narendra Modi, he appears to be the only politician, who looks like helping the tired Hindu overcome the fatigue and start reacting to the abuse heaped upon him by all and sundry. The coming General Elections appears to be a verdict on Modi, rather than issues. It in fact is a verdict on the cornered Hindu. Narendra Modi symbolizes and represents the cornered Hindu trying to assert himself. Will the cornered Hindu win? Will he overcome the fatigue? We will know in less than a year.

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