Paranormal Remedy to stop Bleeding in Women

Many a times a woman, who has undergone pregnancy or abortions does not stop bleeding, this is a major cause for concern and discomfort. I am giving an Indian paranormal remedy to stop the blood flow in such cases.

The remedy - A red rose has to be taken and kept on a piece of paper. The 21 grains of wheat have to be kept in the centre of the rose; care should be taken to see that not even one of the wheat grains is damaged or broken.

Then the paper with the rose along with the grains should be folded and kept under the pillow of the woman who is bleeding.

After the woman stops bleeding and regains her health, the folded piece of paper should be immersed in any water body. This remedy does not require any other Mantra or Tantra.

The remedy can be tried by the woman herself or any of her friends or family members, on her.

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