Tortoise with Dragon Head a Charm for Success

A tortoise have the head of a dragon is considered as a most powerful charm for success and abundance in business as per Feng Shui and a symbol of the positive or male energy “Yang”. A small tortoise is placed on the back of this animal and it sits on a pile of coins. It is said to attract strength and power in the form of Yang energy.

The symbolism of this charm can be explained thus – A tortoise is an animal with a long life span, this is why it is said to symbolize stability in business and a long life. Coins stand for money and wealth. This charm is to be placed in the Eastern Direction of the office or workplace where the business is carried on. This Feng Shui says makes this charm give you support and strength from behind.

The charm must never be kept in front of you or in the bedroom, kitchen or the toilet. This is said to dishonor the charm and it will never support you.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    how to make this charm whether with living tortoise please give some detail?
    And in office if the eastern direction is in front than how to keep this charm because if we face east in office east will be our front and you told it should not be kept in front of us.


  2. can u please provide a photograph on how it has tobe done

  3. To both of you, this is a charm which is available ready made in any good Feng Shui store.
    To be place in any Eastern Corner of the office behind where you sit.

    1. Dear sir,
      Means we can keep just beside where we sit but if we are sitting facing east than east will come in front so in this case how to keep?

    2. Dear sir,
      Can I kept at home and can u tell me which is the best direction for home

  4. can we placed dis charm at home??? if yes den which direction ??

  5. To both of you , yes it can be kept in the house in the Eastern Direction.

  6. Dear Sir,
    Does it needs to be facing eastern direction or we can keep in eastern corner facing west?

    1. You can keep it in the Eastern corner facing the west direction.

  7. Hello neel sir, sir how to use real tortise as lucky charm.i can arrange real living tortise as a pet

    1. This is a special Chinese Feng Shui Charm, which is available in the market.
      Live Tortoise should not be used.

    2. Live tortoise has negative energy so we should not keep in our house

  8. Neel sir does HIMABINDU NAMBURI is write that live tortoise has negetative energy...i have heard live tortoise is also very lucky charm n savari of kuber so it is very for money attraction?

    1. It is advisable not to keep a live tortoise in the house for the purpose of Vastu ot Feng Shui.


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