Aquarium in Feng Shui

An Aquarium has been given much importance in the science of Feng Shui, it is considered as an auspicious energy generator. It is said to usher in domestic harmony and peace. It can be kept both in the house or an office to attract positive energy and as a good omen.

Gold Fish are considered as the most auspicious of the fish to be kept in an aquarium. Keeping 9 Gold Fish is said to a good omen; out of these 9, eight should be Golden in color and 1 should be of the black variety.

Do not panic if 1 or more of the fish die. Feng Shui says that they died because they absorbed the negative and harmful energy; meant for the residents of the house. If the fish had not died then the residents of the house would have attracted that particular misfortune.

The aquarium has to be kept in a proper direction and place. The East-North and the South- East directions are said to attract the most harmonious vibrations, the North is the best direction. The aquarium is best kept in the Drawing or Sitting Room. The bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms are best avoided.

It should never be kept in the area to the right side of the main door [from inside the house]. It kept in this position it is said that the male member of the household will become attracted towards other women.

If not possible to keep an aquarium in the home; even beautiful paintings or poster are said to be auspicious.

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  1. It should never be kept in the area to the right side of the main door (from inside the house).Facing outside of the main door?
    Please reply sir.

  2. Dear sir
    Couldn't get it. Entering the house it should be left or right, please clarify.

    1. In the right direction or right side of the Main Door, while leaving the house through the Main Door from inside.

    2. Dear Sir,
      Is it ok if we keep in right direction from inside home which has North-East direction as recommended by you?



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