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Beneficial and Popular Ashta Lakshmi Mantra

Today on the most auspicious occasion of the Hindu Festival of Diwali, I have a very simple yet very beneficial effective and popular Asht-Lakshmi Mantra Sadhana. The 8 forms are - 1.Aadi Lakshmi. 2. Vaahan Lakshmi

Lakshmi Mantra to Become Very Rich

Today I will share a Special Mantra Sadhana through which any person will become a Millionaire and get rid of any kind of poverty he has in life. Out of the 64 arts of Sanatana Dharma, Shri Vidya is the supreme. Only from the extremely good deeds of the previous births and the most special grace of Gods, does one get initiation into Shri Vidya. Shri Vidya I.e. Bala Tripura Sundari, Shodashi and Maha Tripura Sundari (Lalita Tripura Sundari) are said to be the supreme forms of Lakshmi herself. The same way in which, Narayan is the supreme form of Shri Rama. - Ashok Mehta

Chamatkari Amogh Hanuman Mantra

I will share today, in this article an extremely extremely powerful Hanuman Mantra for Karya Siddhi, which makes impossible problems get solved. The Hanuman Mantra is Amogh and as powerful as the Bajrang Baan. During days when there are unbearable problems, when problems increase so much that no Mantra Tantra or Yantra works, during such days, if this Chamatkari Mantra is chanted, without a second thought, the problems will get solved. - Ashok Mehta

Mantra to Get Magical Sword

In this post, I have written about the Manini Yakshini Mantra Sadhana to invoke a Yakshini, attributed in the Indian Tantrik texts as the Yakshini who first has physical relations [Sambhog] with the Sadhak and then gifts him with a Magical Sword [Jaduee Talwar - Astra- Shastra]. Which makes him unconquerable and most powerful.

Kali Chaudas Mantra for Wish Fulfilment

Today, on the most auspicious day of Kali Chaudas or Naraka Chaturdashi as this day of Diwali is also called, I will share a special Mantra Prayog of Lord Hanuman through, which everything in life will become easy and one will gain everything he asks for and fulfill his or her wishes and desires. - Ashok Mehta

Bhojan Gyan for Mantra Sadhana

In this article, I will explain the importance of Bhojan or food and the proper method of consuming it during the course of a Mantra Sadhana. Bhojan Gyaan: In the Bhagvat Gita, it is mentioned that in the Kaliyug, people will eat unhealthy food without any limit. However, during Mantra Sadhana days, one cannot behave in this manner. - Ashok Mehta

Vashikaran Love Spell By Urination

In this post, I have described a rare and secret Vashikaran By Urine Totka, which is said to bring and desired man or woman under a powerful spell of attraction. This unique Vashikaran Experiment to bewitch any man or woman for the purpose of love or marriage has been taken from the Kamaratna Tantra, which is an ancient Assamese Tantrik Text.

Auspicious Periods for Mantra Diksha

Now, in this third part of the series on Mantra Sadhana Procedure, I will talk about the Auspicious timings and periods on which one can take Deeksha. The contents in this article on Mantra Diksha Samay Gyan include, the most auspicious periods, like the Month, Paksh, Tithi, Nakshatra, Day and Lagna for starting any Mantra Sadhana and Diksha. - Ashok Mehta

Vashikaran By Roti Prayog

Indian Voodoo Attraction Spells, which are used to captivate and bring a particular person or persons come in the most diverse types, depending upon various factors, including the Panth, Sampradaya and region in which they were originally composed and practiced, In this article, I have written about a very simple to practice Vashikaran By Roti Prayog to bring a desired man or woman lover or life partner under a Voodoo Love Spell.

Immense Benefits of Ashta Akshar Narayan Mantra

Today I will share some very important knowledge about the procedure and the benefits for the popular 8 lettered or Ashta Akshar Narayan Mantra- ॐ नमो नारायणाय, which is one of the most powerful, revered, sacred and chanted Hindu Devotional Mantras. The Mantra can give everything you can ask for. This Mantra also removes poison caused by snake bites. This Mantra give Health, Wealth, Moksha, Peace, Purity, Family Happiness and many more benefits- Ashok Mehta

Lakshmi Sahasranama Stotram Prayog for Dhanteras

Today I will share a Lakshmi Mantra Sadhana through which, even if someone does not have proper devotion towards Lakshmi, that person will get wealth and prosperity, if he or she practices this Sadhana. The Prayog is of the Lakshmi Sahasranama Stotram from the Skanda Purana. The procedure is as follows: - Ashok Mehta

Vashikaran Yantra Puja to Control Husband

This Vashikaran Yantra and the simple yet most effective Puja described by me in this post is especially for those unfortunate and mentally depressed and harassed women whose husbands ignore or dislike them and are involved with other women. The Vashikaran Yantra and Puja Prayog should be performed by the woman whose husband is involved in an extra-marital love affair to sort out her domestic problems.

Hanuman Maran and Vashikaran Mantra

This is an extremely powerful Hanuman Mantra, which causes death of enemies and also attracts people. This is a very simple and one time Mantra Sadhana. The Mantra has to be chanted 111 times to destroy or kill the enemies and attract the person you want to attract for love, marriage, business, friendship or any other purpose- Ashok Mehta

Mantra Siddhi Sadhana - Part 2

Today I will share information about 3 more Chakras. After looking at the Chakras mentioned in the previous Chakra, one must look at he following Chakras. 1]अ, क,ड, म चक्र (A,ka,da,ma Chakra) The Sadhak must look at the a-ka-da-ma Chakra. He must first look at the bracket in which his name's first letter is and then look at the bracket in which is the first letter of the god. - Ashok Mehta

Yantras for House and Business Protection

In this article, I have described the process of making at home, Yantras for protection of the house or business.  Such Indian safety talismans, which are called in the Hindi language as Ghar Ya Vyapar Suraksha Yantras are said to be effective in protecting the house or business from Mooth, Maran, Buri Nazar, Kala Jadu Tona Prayog and all other kinds of evil, dangerous black-magic spells. These Tantra are also said to be effective in eradicating Vastu-Dosha from the home or business place.

Most Powerful Totka to Make Everything Possible

In this article, I am going to share today a very simple but most powerful Totka to make everything possible. No other Totka in the world can match the power of this Totka, which, I have written about in this article. The benefit of this Totka is that removes all kinds of sins and bad luck from the life of the practitioner. And when sins and bad luck go away, prosperity, money, wealth, love and family peace come automatically into his life. - Ashok Mehta

How to do a Mantra Siddhi Sadhana

In this part on information on Hindu Mantra Vidya, I will share the very important knowledge on how to do a Mantra Sadhana. Please understand properly that the procedure I am sharing here is for a Mantra Siddhi Sadhana and Purushcharan and not for Mantra Prayog. Mantra Prayog and Mantra Sadhana are two different things. - Ashok Mehta

Four Main Peeth of Mantra Sadhana

In Hindu Tantra Shastra there is a description of four main Sadhana Peeth for performing a Mantra Sadhana. These main Peeth are Shamshan Peeth, Shav Peeth, Aranya Peeth and Shyama Peeth. A Peeth in the context of this article is basically a place accompanied with a specific method of performing the Mantra Sadhana.

Surya Mantra Experiment to Win Over Triloka

In this article, I am describing a very beneficial Surya Mantra Prayog through which a person can win over all the 3 worlds. This particular Surya Mantra Experiment makes the use of a most effective,  popular and famous Surya Mantra, which has been written about in many earlier articles on this site. - - Ashok Mehta

9 Daily Golden Hindu Mantras

In this article, I want to share with readers 9 most beneficial and powerful Golden Hindu Mantras or Stotras, which everyone must chant daily in order to get rid of poverty, hatred, enemies and fights in family and get love,  fame, name, wealth, money and success. - Ashok Mehta

Vashikaran By Shukar Dant Experiment

Vashikaran By Shukar Dant or an Voodoo Spell of attraction and enchantment using the tooth of a pig/boar is one of the most famous and popular of the Vashikaran Mantra Experiments.  Such Indian Occult Black-magic Spells are practiced to put a Spell on any desired man or woman or to enhance and increase the love and affection between lovers or a husband and wife. In this post, I have described a most simple and easy to perform Vashikaran Experiment of preparing a Tabeez [ cloth locket] using the Shukar Dant.

Food Tantra for Each Day of the Week

There is a specific Indian Tantra, which prescribed what foods and fruits to eat on each day of the week. The Tantra is based primarily upon astrology and the ruling plants for each day of the week. This is an exhaustive work and in today’s fast life it is not practical to follow all the comprehensive recommendations.  In this post, I have highlighted some of the more practical and useful tips on which foods and fruits to eat on each day of the week.

Ram Mantra for Mrityu Tulya Kasht

In this article, I have described a Shri Rama Mantra,  which one can chant if he is going through Mrityu-Tulya Kasht or extreme dangers in life from all sides, which are showing no signs of subsiding. The Shri Ram Mantra given below should be chanted at home or in a Vishnu Mandir or a Rama Mandir or a Hanuman Mandir. - Ashok Mehta

Nostradamus on Indian Surgical Strikes on Pakistan

A couple of years back, I had interpreted a Nostradamus Quatrain, which spoke about the undeclared war between India and Pakistan. That article was part of the series on Nuclear War and World War- 3. This undeclared Indo-Pak war has been going on for more than 25 years along the borders of Kashmir and Pak Occupied Kashmir. What was unknown to the general public has now become public news with the Declared Surgical Strikes conducted by Indian Commandos on the Dark Night of 29th September 2016.

Chakshu Upanishad Remedy for Eyesight

The Chakshu Upanishad is considered to be the most powerful  ancient Hindu Devotional  Healing Stotra to cure poor eyesight and diseases and ailments related to the eyes and eye-sight.  In this post, I have described a simple time tested method to perform the Chakshu Upanishad Prayog for rectifying eye related problems – Ashok Mehta

Jain Peace and Prosperity Yantra for Diwali

This is a Riddhi Siddhi Daata Yantra, which has originated from the Jain religion as is seen from the special Mantras inscribed on the Yantra.  Riddhi is the material aspect meaning money, wealth, luxuries,  property, abundance and prosperity whereas Siddhi encompasses the mental aspect and includes spiritual progress, peace of mind and religious growth.

Mantra of the Eternal Guru

In this article, I am writing about a simple to chant, yet most effective Mantra dedicated to the Universal or Eternal Guru Shiva. This Guru Gayatri Mantra is a simple to chant Gayatri Mantra suitable for those devote persons who wish to pray to Shiv Bhagwan for help and guidance in their quest to move ahead in life – Ashok Mehta

Future Answers Knowing Mantra

This is another Mantra Sadhana,  which can help you get answers to the various questions that you have in mind or the answers to the questions, which you are desperately seeking in dreams. One can also get to know the results of the any ongoing work. Or task in a dream. This Mantra Sadhana, which uses a Hanuman Mantra is simpler and less complicated and can easily be practiced. - Ashok Mehta

Jain Mantra to Save and Protect Fish

In this post, I have written about a unique Jain Mantra Experiment, which is said to protect and save Fish by preventing them from being trapped in a Fisherman’s Fishing Net.  Even though this Mantra Experiment is of little practical use these days, I am still writing about it because it is an interesting and very uncommon Mantra Remedy.

Sarabeswarar Mantra for Success

This is a very secretive and very very rare Mantra of Lord Sharabheswhar or Pakshiraj, another name by which, this Sharabha Avatar of Shiva is is often referred to in the scriptures. A person on whom a Narsingh Maran Mantra has been used by enemy or Aghori Tantrik should chant this Sarabeswarar Mantra. Other than that, chanting  this Mantra even once, while looking at an animal will make the animal  run away with fear and dread. After gaining Mantra Siddhi, chanting this Mantra 21 times before doing any task or work will give you success in that particular task or work. - Ashok Mehta

Yantras to Make Problems Vanish

The Yantras, which, I am describing in this post are some of the easiest to implement Yantras to make problems obstacles, opposition, hindrances or stoppages vanish. These Yantra, which are called as the Rukavat-Pareshani Dur Karnewale Yantra can be used to make any disappear, including those problems relating to marriage, love, job, business, money or family.

Mrityunjay Mantra and Hanuman Sahasranaamavali Prayog

Following is a a joint Sadhana which combines the 3 letter Mrityunjay Mantra and the Hanuman Sahasranaamavali. This Mantra Prayog is quite similar to the post " Hanuman Sadhana to achieve anything in the world". This Prayog is tried and tested and it shows quick results. - Ashok Mehta

Future Indo Pak War Predictions and Result

The topic, which crops every time there is tension on the India-Pakistan Border, more specifically the Line of Control dividing the two countries in Kashmir is what will happen if there is a Indo-Pak war. In the past few days the tension has cropped up once again in the aftermath of the Cross-Border Surgical Strikes by Indian Army Commandos to destroy terrorist launch pads in Pak Occupied Kashmir.