Auspicious Periods for Mantra Diksha

Now, in this third part of the series on Mantra Sadhana Procedure, I will talk about the Auspicious timings and periods on which one can take Deeksha. The contents in this article on Mantra Diksha Samay Gyan include, the most auspicious periods, like the Month, Paksh, Tithi, Nakshatra, Day and Lagna for starting any Mantra Sadhana and Diksha. - Ashok Mehta

1. For taking Mantra Diksha, Vaishakh, Shraavan, Ashwin, Kaartik, Maargshirsh, Maagh and Faalgun  are the best months.
2. In Aashaadh month, except for Lakshmi Mantra, all other Diksha can be taken.
3. Kaartik and Maarg Shirsh months are best for Lakshmi Mantra Diksha.
4. Tantrik Mantra Diksha should be taken in Maagh or Faalgun months for getting special benefits.
5. Purushottam month is forbidden for all kinds of Diksha.
6. According to the Rudraymala Tantra, Kaartik, Sshwin, Vaishakh, Maarg Shirsh, Faalgun and Sharavan months are favorable for beginning any kind of Mantra Sadhana.

Mantra Diksha can be taken in any Paksh but Sadhana should be commenced only in the Shukla Paksha. Krishna Paksha is auspicious for Moksha granting Mantras.

Mantra Sadhana commenced on 2nd,3rd,5th,7th,10th,11th,12th and Purnima is very auspicious.
Beginning a Sadhana on Khachaturian, Navami and Chaturdashi is forbidden.

Akshay Tritiya, Naag Panchami, Janmastami, Durga Ashtami, Trayodashi and Chaturth Tithi of Krishna Paksh and Amavasya – all these are moderately favorable.

Swinish, Rohini, Mrugshira, Punarvasu, Pushya, Maghaa, Purva Falguni, Svati, Anuradha, Mul, Purvaashadaa, Uttar Aashaadh, Shatbheesha, Purva Bhadrapad, Uttar Bhadrapad and Revati Nakshatra are favorable.

Aardraa and Kritika Nakshatra are specially auspicious for Shiv and Agni Mantra.

Monday is moderately favorable. for beginning a Sadhana.   Beginning a Sadhana on Saturday is equal to inviting death. All others days are favorable.

Vrishabh, Sinh, Kanya and Meen are favorable. Lagna for Mantra Sadhana.
Vishnu mantra should be started in Mesh, Vrishchik, Sinh and Kumbh Lagna.
Shakti Mantra can be started in Mithun, Kanya, Dhanu and Meen Lagna.
Shiv mantra Sadhana can be started in Mesh, Kark, Tula and Makar Lagna.

Keep in mind that the above auspicious timings are in general. Other than what I have specified, one must also look at Ghaat (घात) Chakra in his Janma Kundli. Ghaat Chakra is the list  of Lagna, Tithi, day, direction, etc unfavourable for a person. I cannot tell anything about Ghaat Chakra because it is different for each Kundli and person. Other than this, many Sadhanas have their own special rules. If rules are not specified, the above things must be referred.


  1. Which is the most appropriate time for receiving Hanuman Deeksha?

    1. For Hanuman deeksha tou can refer to above timings

  2. one question, is it possible to take diksha of certain mantra "through phone call"? or sending a picture to the guru?

    Thank you for the hint on starting sadhhna on saturday sir. greatly appreciated.

    1. Deeksha van only be done some face to face. Deeksha is a kind of puja

  3. Dear Ashok sir,

    I have one small question please clarify.

    I was taken the mantra Deeksha on 24/09/16 for all. My question is

    I was etean the non-veg after one month that is on 25-10-16

    1) can I eta the non-veg ?

    I already had the non-veg, if anything horrible happen can I stop the eating non-veg on henceforth.

    Of not problems after having non-veg can I recite any Mantra please suggest the mantra if there .

    Please clarify the above questions

    Manjunath Harogoppa

    1. After taking mantra deeksha or any deeksha one must give up on non veg for whole life. If you have eaten non veg then your diksha has nullified and you need to take deeksha again

  4. Dear Ashok Sir,
    Are there any Jesus Mantras?


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