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Vijay Lakshmi Mantra to Emerge Victorious

In this post, I have explained about the Mool Mantra of the Vijay or Jaya Lakshmi Form of Lakshmi Mata, which bestows every kind of victory to the devotee and helps him in emerging victorious. This  Mool Mantra also enhances the chances of the practitioner in overcoming hurdles, obstacles, and problems.

Vashikaran Yantra to Get Support of Enemies

An Enemy Attraction or Vashikaran Yantra that acts like a cham for influencing the enemy or any other unfriendly or hostile man or woman and get favors from that person and make him support you or perform any task or work for you has been described in this post.

Attract Wealth and Positivity on Lakshmi Pujan

Lakshmi Pujan is probably the most important of the auspicious days of the festival of Diwali and this year Lakshmi Puja will be celebrated on the 27th of October 2019. This is one the most beneficial days of the Hindu Calendar Year for attracting wealth, abundance and positivity into your lives and homes.

Attract Good Health and Wealth on Dhanteras

Dhanteras, the First Day of the much-awaited festival of Diwali is on the 25th of October 2019.  This is a most auspicious and beneficial day for every kind of Satvik or Pure Venture, including getting Mastery over all kinds of Satvik Mantras, especially those related to healing and health and wealth and good fortune.

Powerful Remedy for Success on Diwali

This is a very powerful Siddhi Sadhana or procedure to invoke a supernatural power like an angel. There are many sorts of powers present in the universe and some powers are here in this Prithvi Loka that is earth. - Post By Guru

Mantra for Money and Vashikaran of Anyone

In this post, I have written about a Beej Mantra Combination that serves three different purposes at the same time. These three purposes are the Vashikaran of any person including enemies, a gain of money and wealth and protection from the weapons of enemies or other unfriendly persons.

Mantra for Success in Attracting Money and Wealth

Many people work hard and still, they don't get success in attracting money and wealth, which can be due to many known or unknown reasons.  But today the Mantra which I am giving can give you success in attracting money and wealth. - Post By Guru

Vashikaran By Kajal Mantra to Attract Anyone

Vashikaran Mantras and other attraction remedies using Kajal, Surma, Anjan or Kohl or any kind of Black Eye-Liner are considered to be very effective in putting any man or woman under an attraction spell because by using this method the practitioner also uses his eyes to gaze at everyone or any specific Man or woman.

Naqsh for Captivating Anyone under Attraction Spell

Today, I am giving a Naqsh/Yantra to captivate anyone or to do Sammohan or hypnotism of someone you love or for any other good purposes, including business purposes. This Mantra will bring them to you and make them come under your attraction spell. - Post By A Sadhak

Shreem Mantra to Attract Money and Wealth

In this post, I have described a very easy and simple but potent method of unlocking the immense power of the Shreem Beej Mantra by chanting a Lakshmi Mantra that is dedicated to the Aishwarya or the wealth and prosperity bestowing form of Lakshmi Mata, which will start attracting money and wealth.

Vashikaran Mantra to Attract Everyone for Any Purpose

Today I m giving an Amal/Vashikaran Mantra to captivate anyone or to do Sammohan of someone you love or for any other good purpose, including commercial and business purposes. - Post By Guru

Gayatri Mantra Energized Silver Ring Remedy for Piles

A simple method of energizing a silver ring with the Gayatri Mantra and then wearing that ring to get relief from piles has been described in this post. This uncomplicated and easy to practice paranormal remedy is suitable for lay-persons as well as advanced spiritualists who can practice it along with his on-going medication.

Most Effective Mantras for Sharad Purnima

Tomorrow is Kojagiri or Sharad Purnima also called as Ashwin Purnima. It is considered to be a most auspicious day for practicing any kind of Mantra Sadhana, especially those related to Lakshmi, Kubera and Saraswati or wealth and gain of knowledge.

Simple and Powerful Vishnu Mantras for Enemy Problems

The two Mantra given in this post are from the Shri Vishnu Sahastranamavali or Shri Vishnu Sahasranamam a Stotram that comprises the 1000 names of Bhagwan Vishnu. These two Mantra can be chanted for the removal or destruction of enemies.

Vashikaran By Only 1 Chant at Night

In this post, I have written about a Vashikaran Mantra Chant that is said to possess the powers of attracting any desired man or woman by chanting the Vashikaran Mantra just 1 time at night before going to sleep.

Shreem Brzee New Age Miracle Money Mantra

I get a lot of Mail from my readers who wish to know more about the new-age Miracle Shreem Brzee Mantra-श्रीं ब्रजी मंत्र, which has been attributed with the magical powers of attracting all kinds of wealth  and prosperity, including money and material luxuries.

Vashikaran Mantra Using Peepal Stick

Vashikaran using the leaves of a Peepal tree or invoking a Peepal tree is a very popular and famous method of casting Vashikaran Spells on any desired man or woman. In this post, I have described a special method of using a stick of the Peepal tree in order to bind any man or woman under a very strong attraction spell.

Yantra to Uproot and Make Enemy Roam Aimlessly

The correct method of making and using a Prachin or ancient enemy eradication Yantra for uprooting an enemy from your surroundings and making him move around aimlessly or without direction and purpose like a mad person has been described in this post.

Which are the Most Effective and Powerful Wealth Mantras

Currently, we are experiencing severe fluctuations in the money and job markets, not only in India but in most parts of the world. Hence, many of the regular readers of our site keep on inquiring about the most powerful and effective Hindu Mantras for Wealth , Abundance and Prosperity.