Vijay Lakshmi Mantra to Emerge Victorious

In this post, I have explained about the Mool Mantra of the Vijay or Jaya Lakshmi Form of Lakshmi Mata, which bestows every kind of victory to the devotee and helps him in emerging victorious. This  Mool Mantra also enhances the chances of the practitioner in overcoming hurdles, obstacles, and problems.

This Mool Mantra of Vijay Lakshmi is composed of the Kleem-क्लीं Beej with ॐ before and after it.

ॐ क्लीं ॐ 
Om Kleem Om 

The Kleem Beej Mantra or Root Sound as explained in numerous earlier posts is associated with Kali Mata, Durga Mata, Kamadeva, and Shri Krishna.

The Mool Mantra of Vijay Lakshmi

The Kleem Beej is also associated with Kundalini Awakening, especially the Muladhara Chakra.

We have also published many articles, especially those relating to  Vashikaran, Attraction Mantra Experiments which make the uses of this most powerful and effective Beej Mantra.

If anyone wishes to chant this Magical Mool Mantra of Vijay Lakshmi, who is one of the Ashta or Eight Forms of Lakshmi who are called the Ashtalakshmi, then it is advisable to commence the Mantra Chanting from any Friday after having a bath and wearing clean clothes.

The practitioner can chant the Mantra as many times as he likes and there is no need to perform any special Puja-Vidhi.

The effects of this Mantra will depend upon the dedication and sincerity with which it is chanted by the practitioner. As there is no fixed number of Mantra Chants prescribed there is no need to use a counting rosary.

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