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Which are the Most Effective and Powerful Wealth Mantras

Currently, we are experiencing severe fluctuations in the money and job markets, not only in India but in most parts of the world. Hence, many of the regular readers of our site keep on inquiring about the most powerful and effective Hindu Mantras for Wealth, Abundance and Prosperity.

When one thinks about Wealth and Money Mantras, the one that immediately comes to mind are Mantras dedicated to the Goddess of Wealth and Abundance Lakshmi, Mantras dedicated to the Kubera who is the custodian and treasurer of Wealth.

Apart from the two deities who have always been associated with Wealth, there are many Wealth and Money Mantras dedicated to most Hindu Gods and Goddesses, like Vishnu, Hanuman, Shiva, Durga Mata, Guru Dattatreya and other Wealth Mantras, like Shabar, Vedic, Astrological and those invoking Yakshas, Yakshinis, Veers and other mystical beings and entities.

Which are the Most Effective and Powerful Hindu Wealth Mantras in the World

Even though our site has published a lot of Mantra Sadhanas and Experiments for generating wealth and money over the past 10 years, in my opinion, it is any day better to chant a Mantra, which you really believe will help you in getting achieving your dream.

Chanting any Mantra, including a Wealth Mantra without believing that the Mantra will help you is nothing but a mechanical exercise that will get you nowhere. The Mantra will be powerful, effective and beneficial if you believe it really is if you do not believe so or doubt its powers, then it can become weak and powerless and as mentioned above chanting it without self-belief can be termed as simply a mechanical exercise.

As this post is aimed at giving a solution to laypersons in Mantra Vidya the simple points mentioned below should be kept in mind, while chanting your preferred Wealth Mantra.

1] Always maintain a positive attitude if you are chanting any Wealth Mantra because every Mantra has its own energy and vibrations and chanting it releases that energy from an individual and merges it with the energy of that Mantra Chant, which is ever-present in the atmosphere.

2] Negativity restricts/blocks the release of that energy and prevents it from reaching its destination.

3] Anger, irritability, unhappiness, jealousy, frustration, lack of self-belief or confidence and similar emotions also occur due to negative energy.

4] Apart from negative energy, low energy is also a major obstacle that prevents the release of the energy of a Mantra.

5] Lack of clarity or nor knowing what you really want also restricts the power of a Mantra. A confused mind does not release the energy and more often than not turns it into negative or low energy. This creates confusion in the mind of the chanter and he is not able to concentrate on the Mantra.

6] Having too much expectation can also be termed as greed, which is a negative emotion that also restricts or blocks the frequencies of a Mantra Chant.

Apart from the points mentioned above, concentrating too much on the connected rituals and believing that the Mantra is also a part of the rituals can also be counter-productive.

Note- You can see all kinds of Mantras related to the generation and attraction of Money, Wealth and Prosperity in the sections on Lakshmi Mantras and Prayers, Wealth Mantra Chants and in the various other sections of our site.

If any of the readers of our site have experienced any positive or even miraculous results by chanting any Wealth Mantra, kindly share your experiences through the comments section or by way of the contact form.


  1. श्रीसूक्त और कनकधारा स्तोत्र लक्ष्मी आराधना और सम्पदा प्राप्ति के लिए विख्यात हैं .सम्पुटित श्रीसूक्त या सम्पुटित कनकधारा स्तोत्र का नियत दिनों तक पाठ निःसंदेह उपयोगी हैं .मेरी राय में रावण कृत शिवतांडव स्तोत्र भी कम चमत्कारी नहीं है.सांयकाल निष्काम भाव से प्रतिदिन भक्ति पूर्वक शिवजी की पूजा के बाद इसका पाठ करना चाहिए .

  2. में वर्षो से लक्ष्मीजी के मन्त्र यानी ऐसे वो मन्त्र जिनसे धन की प्राप्ति हो धन किसी भी तरह किसी रास्ते से आना चाहिए। अनायास धन की प्राप्ति के लिए बहुत लोग जाप।करतेव्रहते है। मैं डॉ नारायण दत्त श्रीमाली एक प्रशिद्ध ज्योतिषी तांत्रिकसिद्धियों के स्वामी उनके मर्ग दर्शन में ऐसी साधनाये की थी जो सफल रही जिसको में यहां बतांना चाहता हूं। साधना मन्त्र में विश्वश श्रद्धा रखना जरूरी है और धैर्य तो बहुत ही ज्यादा रखे। क्योकि कोई भी मन्त्र एक दिन में सिद्ध नही होता। मन्त्र को सिद्ध करने में सभी को अलग अलग कम या अधिक समय लग सकता है। विश्वश मत खोना।
    ये साधना अनायास धन प्राप्ति की जो अब तक सफल है। जिसको मैने बताई उसने मुझे गुरु मां कर जाप किया। ये साधना मणिभद्र साधना है इसमें कुछ सामग्री की जरूरत पड़ती है जैसे सफेद हकीक की माला मन्त्र से संबंधित यंत्र फ़ोटो नारियल । रात्रि के 10 और 12 के मध्य स्वछ होकर एकांत कमरे में जिसमे कोई भी आपजे अलावा आना नही चाहिए। वही पर सोए जब तक आपकी साधना सफल न हो।
    मन्त्र। ॐ ऐं ह्रीं श्री क्लिम नमो मणिभद्राय आयुध धराय मम लक्ष्मी वांछित पुरय पुरय ऐं ह्रीं श्रीम क्लिम मणिभद्राय नमः।
    2 घण्टे तक लगातार जाप करे। शुद्वता का ध्यान रखे।
    आप जिस व्यवस्याय में है या तो उसी रास्ते से घ्न प्राप्ति का मार्ग दर्शन मिलेगा। अन्यथा अनायास धन लाटरी सट्टा वैगेर में नंबर का संकल्प लेकर जाप करे तो रात्रि में वे नंबर जरूर नज़र आएंगे। ध्यान रहे कि आप अपनी जो साधना है और जो आपको नज़र आये वो किसी के आगे कभी जिकर्ण करे। वार्ना साधना फैल हो जाएगी व्यर्थ हो जाएगा सब कुछ


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