Most Effective Mantras for Sharad Purnima

Tomorrow is Kojagiri or Sharad Purnima also called as Ashwin Purnima. It is considered to be a most auspicious day for practicing any kind of Mantra Sadhana, especially those related to Lakshmi, Kubera and Saraswati or wealth and gain of knowledge.

As per the Mumbai Panchang, Sharad Purnima will commence at 12.36 am on Sunday and conclude at 2.38 am on Monday. The timings are likely to vary as per your location. Hence, it is better to consult the Panchang or almanac for your location.

Many people keep a fast on this day for the fulfillment of all desires and wishes, this fast is known as Kaumudi Vrat. The Kaumudi Vrat is said to be especially beneficial for newly married women for the gain of progeny, if the woman has children then this fast is considered to be beneficial for the long-life and well-being of her children. Unmarried girls also keep this fast for getting a suitable bridegroom,

Effective Mantras for Sharad, Ashwin or Khojagiri Poornima

Others who do not keep a fast, get up early in the morning, have a bath and wear fresh and clean clothes and light Dhoop and a Diya of Ghee in their Place of Worship or in-front of a photo or idol of their favored deity.

Chandra Darshan or Viewing the full Moon at Midnight and offering Sweetened Milk to the full Moon and then drinking that Sweetened Milk is a very popular ritual, which is practiced on the day of Sharad Purnima.

Many people also perform a Satyanarayan Puja on this most auspicious occasion.

There are many Mantra for the gain or money, wealth, knowledge and the fulfillment of wishes which can be chanted on Khojagiri Purnima.

Those hoping to gain wealth and money can chant any preferred Mantra of Lakshmi Mata or Kubera. The Mantra given in the post that was published a few years back for getting immense wealth and money can also prove to be very beneficial, That post can be seen her – Kuber Mantra for Gain of Wealth and Money 

Only the Mantra of Kubera given in the post mentioned above can be chanted with or without the use of a counting rosary. It is not necessary to perform the entire Mantra Prayog described in that post.

Those seeking knowledge can practice the Saraswati Mantra Experiment that is said to be most effective if it is practiced on Sharad Purnima. This Mantra Remedy can be seen here- Saraswati Mantra Sadhana for Sharad Purnima 

Apart from what is written in this post, there are numerous other Mantra and Yantra Sadhanas that are practiced or started on the day of Sharad Purnima.

Note- You can browse the various section of for more Mantra and Yantra Remedies that are practiced on Sharad Purnima.


  1. How many times we need to chant the kubera mantra? Shall it be done in the midnight?


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