Mantra for Success in Attracting Money and Wealth

Many people work hard and still, they don't get success in attracting money and wealth, which can be due to many known or unknown reasons.  But today the Mantra which I am giving can give you success in attracting money and wealth. - Post By Guru

This is a very potent Amal which is a tried and tested Mantra Remedy and it works in attracting money and wealth.

The procedure of practicing this Amal has been given below for the benefit of those readers of who wish to practice it for becoming rich and wealthy.

Muslim Mantra or Amal for Success in Attracting Money and Wealth

1] You have to start the Mantra Experiment from a Shukla Paksha Friday.

2] Get up early in the morning and start the experiment after having a bath.

3] Face the West direction while practicing the Mantra Sadhana.

4] Light Loban Dhup or incense.

5] Sit on a White Asan and wear white-colored clothes.

6] Read the Darud Sharif 11 times before and after chanting the Amal.

7] Chant Bismillah hi Rehmanirahim once before starting the chanting of the Amal.

8] Chant the Amal given below1300 times.

ya kabiyo ya ganiyo ya maliyo ya bakiyo

Do this for 41 days daily.

Also while doing the Amal Sadhana do Dhayn or focus your energy to attract money with a positive attitude.

For any help, you can contact the author through the contact form. 


  1. Hello, am a gayboy and am looking for a vashikaran mantra wich even had the power to bind even a hetero guy to me for love.

    Because of some vashikaranmantra's of prophet666 we are getting very close friends these days (thank you so much!) but i want more, am totally in love with that guy.
    Wich mantra's are suitable for me in this situation?

    1. Please suggest me the mantra you are already using and getting success

  2. Sir ye darud sharif kya hay? Hum hindu hay darud sharif to janta nehi. Keya karun?

    1. Please send me your email address, I can provide you powerful Darud Sharif that I practive and got benefited from.

      Sir ye mera email id.

  3. Dear Sam, I tried a lot mantras and yantras past year, some at the same time, because I don't had much time. But becarefull, all those vashikaran mantra's or the way of thinking will have also an effect on you (you will gone miss that person intensely, thats my personal experience). Try the one you think that will work. I only try the most easy ones.

    My case is very difficult, but I still hope :)

    1. Can you please refer me to the most simple and affective mantra? This site contains lots of mantra and I don't know which one is simple and effective.

  4. Sir you got some flawless knowledge about the occultism and mantras I am so much impressed and blessed that I visited ur site and thank you so much in advance sir I want an answer any mantra or totka for getting job in abroad and settling there anyhow my employment visa has been rejected and my boss is delaying it for re-applying my visa please help I want to settle abroad any how I don’t know but I feel suffocated here and I feel I am waste etc going thru very rough time
    Of my life no job coz I left for going when visa applied and now I am hunting badly and not getting any result so just help me with some totka or feeding any animal etc coz I love feeding animals like
    Dogs cats fishes birds I do it regularly please help me sir 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


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