Powerful Remedy for Success on Diwali

This is a very powerful Siddhi Sadhana or procedure to invoke a supernatural power like an angel. There are many sorts of powers present in the universe and some powers are here in this Prithvi Loka that is earth. - Post By Guru

If someone will go to hilly areas or to some dense forest areas where usually disturbance is not very common, one will find some good Sadhaks and Yogis doing their Sadhana or routine work.

If one gets a chance to go to there areas then he will also notice that many powers and deities are being worshiped by people who have faith in them.

There are many deities of different villages and they do have the power to solve the issues of the people living in these areas.

Shri Gorakhnath Ji and other Nath Sampradaya Gurus created many Mantras and also found many powers and deities and angels possessing different powers and then after getting the knowledge about their existence they created procedures to call them and have promises fulfilled by them by promising something in return, like a deal.

This part is a separate part from Bhakti and whenever someone takes any Sankalp its also considered as some kind of deal.

So there are secret procedures that were created and to prevent their misuse they were never written or published anywhere. These supernatural or paranormal practices were kept secret and were given only to people who deserved those or worked hard to get these procedures or Mantras.

Very few Sadhaks have the knowledge of these paranormal powers. There are many pure and Satvic Powers whose Siddhi can be done for some purposes.

There are Tamasic or Itar Yoni powers also and their Siddhi can also be done but they do have some dangers involved. Satvic and pure powers don't harm any person.

Diwali is on 27th October which is a very auspicious day to do Sadhanas and to get some Siddhis.

On the day of Diwali, we have decided to help people get Siddhi of one pure power or energy which is not dangerous neither does it invokes any harm and it is not a very difficult or Sadhana


1) This power is capable of destroying any black magic.

2) Tt can remove any evil energy or evil power like Bhoot- Pret, Jinn, Pisach, Ghosts, Demons, and other evil energies.

3) If there is some disease which the doctors are not able to understand or if the issue involves evil or bad energy it can be resolved.

4) It smoothens the money flow to the person and helps in attracting new sources of income.

5) It destroys the malefic effects of bad deeds.

Many other benefits can be obtained by doing this Sadhana and this power can be Siddh in just one day that is the day of Diwali as it is just a one-day Sadhana.

This power can be used to help other people who have been affected by the above-mentioned problems.

All those who are interested in doing this Sadhana can contact Guru through the contact form.

Today's a very effective remedy for unsuccessful people to get success 

If anyone is unsuccessful in some work for a long time and if there is any long time pending wish or desire, then do the following-

Take water and 2 incense sticks with you early morning in the Brahma Muharat and go to a Peepal Tree light the incense sticks chanting any Laxmi Narayan Mantra and then offer water to the tree saying Om Namo Bhagwate Vaasudevaya 12 times, while doing Parikrama of the tree 12 times.

You have to offer water while doing Parikrama and chanting the Mantra 12 times

This small remedy can be started from Diwali morning or Dhanteras morning or any Shukla Paksha Wednesday.

The remedy should be done for 11 days.

Om namo narayan
Shri hari
Jai maa durga

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