Death Inflicting Mantra for Diwali Night

This is a very menacing Indian Voodoo Black-magic Death Inflicting Spell to permanently remove an an enemy from the face of the earth. This Maran Mantra has to be specially practiced on the night of the Hindu Festival of Diwali for it to be most effective and dangerous. In the post, below, I have described the method of performing this Enemy Killing Mantra Experiment, which has originated from a rare and unknown Shabar Vidya text.

The Maran Mantra has to be Mastered first and it should be done by chanting the Mantra for 10,000 Mantra Repetitions, using a Rudraksha Beads Counting Rosary on any auspicious Hindu festival like Holi or during Grahan Kaal[period of any kind of full or partial Solar or Lunar Eclipse].

ॐ नमो हाथ फाउडी कांधे मारा भैरू वीर मसाने खड़ा लोहे की धनी वज्र का बाण वेगना मारे तो देवि कालका की आण गुरु की शक्ति मेरी भाक्ति फुरो मन्त्र इश्वरो वाचा सत्यनाम आदेश गुरु का ||
Om Namo Hath Faaudi Kaandhe Mara Bhairu Veer Masaane Khada Lohe ka Dhani Vajra Ka Baan Vegnaa Mare To Devi Kaalkaa Ki Aan Guru Ki Shakti Meri Bhakti Furo Mantra Ishvaro Vaachaa Satyanaam Aadesh Guru Ka ||

Then, on the night of Diwali, the steps given below have to be followed-
1] Sit down comfortably on a Sitting Mantra facing the South Direction.
2] Light a bigger sized oil lamp of Mustard Oil [Sarson Ka Tel] and Guggul Dhoop next to the oil lamp.
3] Take a  few grains of Sabut Urad Grains[ Black Gram or Black Lentils] and infuse them with the Maran Mantra, which you have Mastered and then throw them on the burning wick of the oil lamp. Perform this step 108 times in all.
4] Then, once again repeat the same procedure mentioned in step- 3, 12 times.
5] Then, mix some blood of a black colored dog and some ash with the Urad Grains, which you have thrown on the wick of the burning oil lamp.
6] The Shabar Maran Tantra says that if 3 Urad Grains are infused with the Shabar Maran Mantra and thrown on the body of the enemy, the enemy will soon perish.

Note- The Maran Mantra Vidhi is only for advanced Aghori Shabar Vidya Sadhaks, others should remember that this is an educational article and strictly refrain from practicing this deadly Occult Ritual.

Even though, Lord Bhairava and Kali Mata have been mentioned in the Maran Mantra, the Maran Tantra does not prescribe any kind of special worship or ritual of these two deities.


  1. Thanks guru ,
    Can u post kal bhairava marn mantra ?

  2. भगवान शिव के तीन प्रमुख रूप हैं-बटुक भैरव,काल भैरव तथा स्वर्णाकर्षण भैरव.तन्त्र शास्त्र मे अष्ट भैरव का भी उल्लेख है .
    काल भैरव शिव का रूप है.इनकी आराधना से संकट नाश,शत्रु से मुक्ति,न्यायालयींन प्रकरणो मे विजय,भय से मुक्ति होती है.
    भैरव के मारण मंत्र समर्थ गुरु के निर्देशन मे ही किए जा सकते हैं,अन्यथा हानि की संभावना है.


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