Vashikaran and other Totke for Man and Woman

The Vashikaran Tantric experiments given in this post are performed using the droppings and feathers of a crow and an owl. It is a known fact that the crow and the owl are sworn enemies of each other and the owl kills a crow on sight. The crow never builds its nest in a place frequented by owls. Hence, Tantric practitioners attach great importance to the experiments, which are performed using a mixture of the body parts of an owl and a crow.

The first Vashikaran Totka is only to be performed by men to cast a Vashikaran Love-Spell upon a woman, whereas the second Vashikaran Totka can be perform by both men and woman.

These are stand-alone Tantric Vashikaran Experiments, which do not need the use of any Mantra or Yantra.

1] Take the droppings of an owl and a crow in equal quantity and mix it thoroughly in rose water to make a paste.  Apply this paste like a Tilak on the forehead and go and stand in-front of that particular woman on whom you want to cast the Vashikaran Spell. The Vashikaran Tantra says that the woman will become fascinated with you and become your lover or wife.

2] Take a feather each of a crow and an owl and burn them to ash in a fire, which is made using sandalwood sticks. Secretly sprinkle that ash on the head of the man or woman you wish to bring under a Vashikaran Spell. Doing this, the Vashikaran Tantra says will make that person come completely under your control for the purpose of love, marriage or business.

The paranormal experiments given below are strictly not recommended by me because they are extremely Tamas Guni experiments and will definitely give Bad Karma and severe after-effects.

1] The beaks of a crow and owl are burnt to ash in a fire prepared using the wood of a Babool Tree. If this ash is sprinkled upon the head of a woman, the woman will become insane.

2] The right foot of a crow and the left foot of an owl are kept together in a piece of red colored cloth and wrapped with a black colored thread to prepare a small bundle. If this bundle is thrown into the house of an enemy, the enemy will come under sever mental pressure and leave his place of residence and disappear for ever. This is an Shatru Uchchatan Totka.

3] The tongues of both the crow and the owl are burnt to an ash in a fire made using sandalwood twigs. This ash is used to created enmity and fights between two persons and separate them. All that has to be done is to sprinkle the ash on the bodies on the two persons. This is an Videshan Prayog.


  1. Sir, The stand alone vashikaran experiement 1 just requires you to go to the target and she will be infatuated with seeing the tilak on your forehead? No mantra or anything?

    1. Yes that is what is given in the post, which contains information provided in the concerned Tantric texts.

    2. Hello what is meant by dropping of owl and crow

  2. neel j hi. the thing with the crow and owl feathers. if i have
    a bussines meeting by a bank. maybe with 3-4 people
    can i trow the bhasma on the 3-4 for people


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