Yantra to Appease Ambika Devi

The Yantra described by me in this post is said to be a specific method of appeasing and invoking Ambika Devi. The worship of the Divine Mother Goddess as Ambika or Amba has been prevalent in the Hindu religion since the ancient times where she is visualized as the Adi-Shakti or the Primordial Deity.

Amba is another name or form of Durga Mata and is worshiped in this form by many Hindu Sadhaks, including some very advanced Shakti Sadhaks who have progressed higher on the spiritual path of evolution.

The name of Ambika Devi also features prominently in the Jain religion where she is sometimes described as a Yakshini or a female mystical being who provides security or Atma-Raksha to her devotees. Hindu and Jain scriptures contain quite a few legends and stories about Ambika Devi.

There are some diverse methods of worshiping Ambika Devi in both Hinduism and Jainism, including by way of specific Mantra Chants. The Yantra provided in this post is used in an experiment for invoking and making the Goddess manifest in-front of the devotee as per the writings of a Tantric text

The only information provided by the text is that the Yantra should be drawn 125, 000 times, sitting in the shade of a Mango tree, in order to invoke Ambika Devi. This means that the Yantra can be drawn on Bhojpatra using Ashtagandha Paste or on a piece of white colored paper using any kind of ink.
Hindu Occult Yantra to Appease Ambika Devi
Yantra to Appease Ambika Devi

Note- if the Sadhak suceeds in invoking the Goddess, the benefits will be immense, however it would be prudent to add that such paranormal experiments are only for advanced Sadhaks and Spiritualists who are well-versed with such most powerful and difficult Yantra-Mantra Experiments.

If any person has more information or knowledge about this experiment, kindly share your knowledge so as to benefit other readers.


  1. om aath bhuji ambika
    ek naam omkar
    khat darshan tribhuvan mein
    chanda surja do pramaan
    haath jod vinanti karum mam karo kalyan
    27/108 times a day
    practiacalexperience beneficial

  2. अंबा काली / दुर्गा का ही रूप है.
    सूर्य,गणेश,दुर्गा,शिव,विष्णु--ये पंचदेव कहे गये हैं .सभी धार्मिक कार्यों मे इनकी पूजा करने का विधान है.
    लेकिन इसके साथ ही यह तथ्य भी अपनी जगह है कि काली ,तारा ,चामुंडा ,धूमावती ,बगलामुखी ,छिन्नमस्ता ,उच्च्छिश्ट गणपति,नृ सिंह उग्र देवता हैं .इनकी उपासना मे त्रुटि नही होना चाहिए ,तनिक सी भी भूल होकर बहुत बड़ी हानि हो सकती है .अत: उग्र देवता की उपासना से बचना चाहिए .

  3. Jai Ambe Maa,
    The post above mentions 27/108 times a day, I presume 27 means 27 days ? Please advise
    Pranaam 🙏

    1. 27 is not mentioned in the post, I have mentioned that the only information given in the text is to draw the Yantra 125, 000 times.

  4. Thank you Sri Neel sir you reply me in your previous work on Anuragini I am very Happy you reply me you are very good man.Sri Neel sir in this ambika yantra I not properly understand sir.Neel sir in yantra second box is empty on empty box their need to write name of anything Please guide me please.AND Neel sir on first line second box down their is English latter b.? B on their sir please please reply me. I will wait for your reply. Dear Neel Sir.

    1. Yes, the box should be empty, nothing needs to be written there, the word in not b but a symbol resembling b.


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