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Mantras for enemies

Ancient Hindu and other Indian religious texts and scriptures have prescribed various mantras to rid oneself of enemy troubles.

There are numerous categories of such mantras like –
Videshan – To create fights amongst enemies and divide them.
Uchatan – To remove enemies from tour life.
Maran – To kill an enemy.
Stambhan – To immobile the movements of an enemy.

There are also other powerful Tantrik and Navnath Shaabri mantras which are widely practiced in India, to get rid of enemy trouble.

A note of caution, these are only protective mantras and the misuse of them may boomerang back to you. I have been cautious that I have not given in this section Aghori [fearsome] practices. There are also other mantras for protection from a variety of dangers which you can read in the section on - Protection Mantras

Also note that all information in this section as also this site is given purely for educational and information purposes.

लिस्ट ऑफ़ मारण, उच्चाटन, विद्वेषण, स्तम्भन मंत्र, यन्त्र, तंत्र साधना-प्रयोग और  टोटके एंड उपाय
List of Maran, Uchchatan, Videshan, Stambhan Mantra, Yantra, Tantra Sadhana-Experiments and Totke and Upay

Mantras to stop enemies
Ancient Hindu remedy to defeat enemies
Powerful Mantra to destroy enemies
Mantra to make enemy leave his home and run away
Mantra to make stones rain on enemy house
Mantra to control enemy
Mantra to suppress an enemy
Experiment to subdue enemy
Uchchatan Mantra to remove enemy from your life
Uchchatan Mantra to remove enemy from your life - 2
Effecctive Uchchatan Mantra Experiment
Ganesh Uchatan Mantra
Most powerful mantra to kill and destroy enemies
Ultimate Enemy Destruction Mantra
Maran Mantra to kill enemies
Enemy Maran Yantra Tantra
Tripura Sundari Mantra to Destroy Enemy
Mantra to divide enemies
The Mahabhairav Videshan Mantra
Bhairavi Stambhan Mantra for Enemies
Aghori Videshan Mantra Prayog
Jalti Chita Videshan Mantra
Mantra to turn enemy to friend
Mantra to silence enemies
Mantra Tantra Yantra to Destroy Enemy Mind
Magical Divya Stambhan Yantra
Revenge Yantra to Close Enemy Shop
Yantra to give Headache to enemy
Chamunda Mantra to Shut Enemy Mouth
Mantra for Business Enemy Defeat
Mantra to remove ex-lover turned enemy
Mantra to protect against black magic by enemy
Mantra for black magic by enemies - 2
Mantra to separate two persons by creating enmity
Maha Navarna Videshan Mantra
Most Powerful Videshan Maha Mantra Tantra
Agni Purana Mantra for enemies
Agni Purana Mantra to immobilize enemies
Mantra to make Enemy Lose Concentration
Hanuman mantra for enemy protection
Hanuman mantra for enemies during travel
Mantra to protect your life from enemies
Mantra to bring enemy under spell of attraction
Veda mantra for victory over enemies
Mantra to stop enemy gang
Mantra for Protection from Enemy Weapon
Mantras to remove corruption
Hindu Mantra to Destroy Evil - 2
Hindu Devta Mantra for Enemy Destruction
Muslim Mantra to Remove Enmity
Shiva on Maran Mantras
Mani Points of Maran Mantra Prayog Vidhi
Important Points for Practicing Stambhan Prayog
Tantra for Hidden Enemy
Shatru Vidhwansini Stotram
Most Fearful Destruction Mantra Tantra Yantra
Indian Tantra for Removing Enemy Troubles
Vedic Mantra to Remove Witchcraft by Enemies
Kshetrapal Mantra for Enemy Removal
Fearsome Mantra for Naraka Chaturdashi
Mahabal Vashikaran Mantra for Enemies
Mantra to Make Enemy Hair Fall
Lime and Needle Voodoo Mantra
Dushman Ko Muth Marne Ka Mantra
Vedic Prayog to Ward off Enemies
Mantra to Make Stubborn Enemy Submissive
Enemy Voodoo Doll Hypnotism Mantra
Mantra to Remove Husbands Lover
Islamic Peacock Feather Exorcism Mantra
Powerful Hindu Enemy Protection Charm
Tantric Experiments to Defeat Enemy
Mantra to Destroy Clan of Enemy
Dhumavati Mantra to Remove Enemies Forever
Agni Astra Mantra to Completely Destroy Enemies
Bagalamukhi Mantra to Win Court Cases
Maran Mantra for Self-Preservation
Mantra to Mislead and Delude Enemy
Enemy Removal Mantra By Watching Meteorite
Mantra to Make Body of Enemy Pain
Mantra to Uproot and Throw Out Enemies
Mantra Tantra to Make Enemy Insane
Death Inflicting Mantra for Diwali Night
Daring Islamic Uchchatan Mantra
Spell to Remote View Actions of an Enemy
Uchchatan By Ganga Jal Mantra
Revenge Spells to Confine Enemy and Spoil his Voice
Uchchatan and Videshan Experiment using Porcupine Quills
Islamic Spell to Make Opponent Accept Defeat
Mantra to Give Enemy Diarrhea and Kill Him
Mantra to Infect Enemy with Fever
Mantra to Make Enemy Shield Ineffective
Mantra for Anger Removal from Enemy
Maran Mantras to Obliterate Enemies along with their Families
Indian Voodoo Spell to Frighten Enemy
Revenge Spell to Disrupt Work of Enemy
Mantra Chanted in Archer Pose to Stop Enemy Movements
Mantra to Defeat Specific Person
Mantra to Stop Voodoo Spell Attack By Enemy
Mantra to Remove Problems from Powerful Enemy
Mantra to Put Enemy in Dangers and Jeopardy
Mantra to Take Away Strength of Enemy
Important Principles for Videshan and Uchchatan Experiments
Maran Prayog Without Mantras to Kill Enemies
Indian Black Magic Spells to Separate Lovers
Mantra to Wipe Out All Traces of an Enemy
Success and Side Effects of Mantras for Enemies
Yantra to Divide Enemy and his Servants
Mantra to Calm Down All Unfriendly People
Very Khatarnak Shatru Maran Mantra
Mantra for Casting Protection Circle
Dangerous Shabar Mantra to Make Enemy Mad
Voodoo Revenge Spell to Remove an Enemy from your Life
Revenge Spells to Separate Enemies by making them Fight
Talisman for Enemy Attraction or Destruction
Yantra Using Name and Needle to Harass Enemy
Yantra to Make Enemy Poor and Bankrupt
Aghor Tantra to Make Enemy Suffer in Every Way
Enemy Maran Yantra Using Human Bone
Voodoo Black Magic Spells to Ruin an Enemy
Talisman to Make Enemy Unconscious
Yantra to Defeat and Harass Enemies Prepared on Leather
Muslim Brick and Grave Tantra to Punish Enemies
Vashikaran Yantra to Make Anyone Forget Enmity Quickly
Talisman of Mars for Enemy Destruction and Good Fortune
Yantra to Uproot and Make Enemy Roam Aimlessly
Mantra to Immobilize Tongue and Conspiracies of Enemies
Revenge Yantra to Separate Two Persons
Tantrik Videshan Totke without Mantra
Mantra for Causing Lifelong Enmity Between 2 Persons
Mantra for Vashikaran, Maran, Uchchatan and Santan Prapti
Kala Jadu Remedies to Strike Down Enemies
Stambhan Mantra from Bhoot Damar Tantra
Uchchatan Mantra Prayog from Bhoot Damar Tantra
Uchchatan Spell to Remove Enemy in 3 Days
Beej Mantras to Remove and Punish Hidden Enemies
Muslim Mantras to Shut Down All Activities of Enemies
Writing Name of Enemy on Paper and Burning it Spells
Remote Voodoo Spell to Stop Enemies
Videshan Mantras from the Bhoot Damar Tantra
Uchchatan Mantra to Punish Dharma Virodhi Enemies
Neel N is the founder of He tells you in English and Hindi about Spells, Vashikaran, Yakshinis and all Hindu and Islamic Mantras and Yantras. The Prophecies, Revolutions of India and the coming World Wars of the Bible, Kalki Avatar and Nostradamus. The Mantra and Remedies for Healthy Living and Exploring the Unknown Universe.


  1. Neel Dolma here
    it is so: we have in brussels a Judge woman called Sieters. She is Judge of work and health. She laughts with us and must pay as less as possible. She said 26.2 (i had a car accidnet 07) i'm a fool. So all budhists and yu too are a fool, and she want to put us in psy
    . She has no respect at all. She got all papers she needed: we even restarted a 6th time on the papers she gave, filles in correctly. She did not even read them. She cna not print. So if she has not the papers i sent her, it is my failure. I gave her new papers and she pushed trhem aside. Now she wants an expert. I work corrctly and sent every paper and she never has them. Most persons don't know she does that, i discovered it! Get rid of a money income depends on her. IN the meantime i have not seen the best doctors to help me after the car accident. I feel hurt in my deepeszt soul. She calls us fools. I don't accept such behave. Whgat mantra could best help. And it must work on that expert who will try to diminish the results of the car accident too(for not paying). ....i'm out of order. Do you have an idea stopping that person harming thousands Belgium persons with handicap. (you must not excist...we don't need you. you may be violated and killed....). hahahahah

    1. The Law of Karma will catch up with her, so keep calm like the Buddha and have faith in Shiva.

    2. Divine laws of karma will pay her for her misdeeds. Release hatred from your heart by chanting Om Nama Shivaaya. And get Divine help to remove obstacles from your life by chanting Om Vighneyshwaraaya Namaha.
      May you always feel and know the Divine's presence in your life.

    3. Just wait n watch god will do what she is doing with u. Pray to goddess kaali maa. She will definetely help you. As she has helped me all the time.she has saved when I was about to die.

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  2. If you want to punish or fight prabal shatru (extremely powerful enemy like king/politician/powerful police officer/government official)chinnamasta sadhana is best for you if you are capable of doing it contact me

    1. Siddharthji, Please guide me, I need assistance

    2. I want to learn enemy mantra please tell me in my email

  3. Thank you for providing wonderful info site.
    1. request you to provide neibhors harmony yantra,

    2. provide any yantra/charm/totke to forget enemity or that person it self completely. (as enemity will only harm us pshycollogically).
    Thanks in advance

  4. hello sir,
    namaste hum phat swaha mantra se hum kaise bachein??my enemy always chanting hum phat swaha mantra against me.iss se mere sarir asusth ho jata hai.any one can reply on this matter. please......reply

    1. There are many Atma Raksha Mantras published on this site, you can try anyone of these Mantras, which you like.

  5. Dear Sir,My name is Raj.I have been visiting your websites frequently.
    I am aware of the information you have posted on your website and have good know how but i haven't implemented yet.My Problem : I had been in contact with a Tantrik 5 Years before who helped in solving my personal family problems and havnt took any money promising that he will not take any money in future also.He is having all negative power energies which can make fight between two persons wch i have seen and felt ,he is also having Superhuman powers like telepathy, remote viewing ,seeing my future & past events also and done poojas on Tuesday and Saturday and when i eat any non veg on these days then my Energy level is slowdown and again a Fight has been done between anyone with my friends or family (Stating Shanibaba and Hanuman Baba is angry on these days ).Later he Broke the Promise and said that we should do a mahamritunjay pooja from them that will go around 6k.How could i believe him now after breaking the promise . i am hurt now and helpless to do anything. He can also see that i am writing this letter to you.I am not sure where this negative energy is coming from but i want to either face and send from where it came from or at least guard me against this type of energies.I am getting weak due to this activities happening in my house .I want to know which Supernatural Powers can be developed and used against this enemy to get rid of him. I Know the Power Third eye , which helps seeing ones past ,present& future also. So i want to know is there any good solution for activating 3rd Eye early , some says it takes more time to activate it. I am an dependent person Sir , and i dont want to depend on anymore ,live and let live , i am heartily weak person ,i want to earn respect and want to be independent and want freedom also and live Happy.Is there any way i can get rid of this type of problems and Start a new Life and Create a new Future.Right now i am turning 30 and still not settled in my life . I dont know ,i need to do job or i need to do business , And for doing business it also needs some finance which i dont have. I have seen failure and sometimes my body is not helping me as well . All of my life is gone in being Spiritual and find 1 path to live ,but i am not getting it. One Astrologer said My Sun is good and other planets are bad .And i was doing Surya jappa trying to attain siddhi but tantrik made some fights wth me and Astrologer , i dont know the reason . And i now recites some tantrik mantras given by Tantrik which makes me comfortable and at least live healthy keeping in mind that he will not harm asi am saying his given mantras .So I have to know the truth , may be through third eye activation or by any other means as you suggest, is he good person for me or not. I know list of mantras but haven't had siddhis . All i want is to know the Truth and Secure from this type of tantric ,he can see what I can do with the power of meditation and does some kind of poojas with the use of some fruits or pooja material and make impossible things possible . Do you have any mantra which can make myself and my family invisible for him and will not be able to do any type of negative pooja on us.. Not able to develop myself nor my family ,he has seen my future. ( Else suggest proper treatment to die in such a way that i could not be able to know i am dead . i can write a letter you today later i dont know if i can be able to write or not. I wished to be powerful person and protect have Kavach for my protection. A friend of mine suggested to attain siddhis of any god Can you suggest me how do i do that or any any other guidance from you .I dont have any guru now , I chanted kaalbhairava mantra and stotra to get rid of that tantric but still unsuccessful . I am not able to cry also.I Hope i will get proper help and Guidance with Your Highest Experience you have got till now. Thanks forCreating this website and sharing your Knowledge.Looking Forward to your reply.

    1. Gaining Siddhi depends upon the will-power and patience of the Sadhaka.
      As regarding the Tantrik troubling you, in my opinion you are imagining things and problems which do not exist as your mind has developed a sub-conscious fear of that person, get rid of the fear and you will be all right.

  6. Dear Neel N ji ,please help me to suggest power ful remedies for remove UCHATTAN from person who is sufferings by this .thanks

  7. My neighbour is trying to hurt me with voodoo. It has been a fight for my property but they lost. Because she is bitter and hateful and has an evil heart she is now trying to get rid of me and my family through voodoo. I pray but I'm still concerned

  8. Hi Neelji, Hope you are doing fine. I am in some problem, one of my relative person borrowed some money from my mother without knowing me. Its almost 4 years back. He is the person not doing any work and dint have any earnings. He mind washed my mother and took credit for his family fulfillment and he promised my mother that he will return back with some interest. Now he is unable to return money and playing games with us. There are several panchayat happened in front of other peoples, that time he will promising that he will return back and he will take time. when the time comes he will be not available and escaping and do same drama. If we ask strongly he is telling that he is going to suicide. We don't have proper evidence to put case on him. However he is my relative person my mother believed and gave him money. In that money he given government job to her sister by giving bribe and his sister got married. All he is done with our money and built hype among our relatives and degraded us. We did our sister marriage in risky way with our own money. But this person did his sister marriage well with our money. He is like no 1 culprit and he is a priest in his village. He is poojari in his village temple. Now I am already 33years not get married because of money problem. And we are living in our old house. We are living in fear of house collapse. We have to build new house and I have to get marry. I am getting aged. We people do hard work and earning money and saving for our future. But people like him not doing anything borrowing money and cheating like this. So please some one can help us to get out from this problems. And please provide any strong mantra and yantra to our betterment and to suffer those cheaters effectively. So please consider this as my personal request and help me. Thanks in advance.

  9. Without the Guru, no one has the right to practice tantra. Mantra sadhna has multiple technical steps like shodhan, utkeelan, chaitanyakaran without which siddhi cannot be obtained, will block guru/bhavasagara chakra causing bad karma and ill fate. As far as ittar yoni sadhana, man cannot control even a cat properly, how do you expect them to control a divine entity; that becomes possible via the divine glory of krodha bhairava, without chanting his mantra the ittar yoni siddhi is not obtained and sadhaka goes towards naraka, so said lord shiva in kriyoddisha tantra and others too. Taking from a book is not the way to practice mantra, it has to be taken from a genuine guru via proper deeksha process including relevant kavach, etc. Dont drag yourself and others to durgati for the greed of earning from a youtube channel.

    1. हर साधना के लिए गुरु की आवश्यकता नही होती. वैसे भी विज्ञापनदाता गुरुओं,बाबाओं,तांत्रिकों से सावधान रहने की आवश्यकता है .इनसे लाभ की अपेक्षा हानि की अधिक संभावना रहती है ,ये धनलुटेरे होते हैं .वैसे भी इस साइट पर जो मंत्र,तंत्र,यंत्र प्रकाशित होते हैं,वे इस प्राचीन विद्या की जानकारी सुलभ कराने के लिए हैं .पाठक उन्हे अपनाकर लाभ उठा सकते हैं .सात्विक मंत्रों के प्रयोग तो बिना गुरु के भी किए जा सकते हैं .अपने
      शत्रुओं से अपने और अपने परिवार को सुरक्षित रखना
      हर व्यक्ति से अपेक्षित होता है ,इसलिए रक्षात्मक उपाय करते हुए शत्रुबाधा निवारण मंत्रों की साधना आवश्यक है .

  10. Namaskar Ji, i was a millionare 3 years back and have fall very fast and the money i invested is no any return. I have some problem wuth my wife and she have been few temples to do some prayers and said she had mix somethings and give me to eat. Until now i cant do anything, what i do fail. pls help me on this. TQ

  11. Since the death of my father my uncle have be maltreating me and making me depressed , i almost commented suicide due to the way i was been treated in the family. few weeks ago when i was discussing with a friend about what am going through in the family he advise me to reach out to dr peter (peterwiseherbalcenter@ gmail. com) that he can help me silence my uncle so i can have my peace in the house , without wasting any time i contacted dr peter and He helped me silence my uncle with his powerful death spell magic that he cast on my wicked uncle . Since my uncle’s death the family have been peaceful and loving , i now find happiness in everything i do. Revenge at last !!! thank you dr peter . contact dr peter today for any spell , death spell , love spell , money spell , deliverance spell , healing spell,spell to remove black magic out of your life , family and marriage via call or whatsapp +2349059610643

  12. Hello Guruji, i am having too many problems from co-sister and brother in law and i am unable to use the yantras as i am staying in different place, can you tell me which is better to use. i want them to separate so that they dont harm us.


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