Revenge Spells to Confine Enemy and Spoil his Voice

In this post, I have described the working of two stand-alone voodoo revenge spells, which are said to spoil the voice of a rival, foe, enemy or competitor and to confine or restrain him in a specific place. Both these revenge spells are independent of each other and can be practiced separately to take revenge upon a sworn enemy.

To cast the voodoo spell to spoil the voice of an enemy, competitor or rival the following Tantra should be followed:

1] Draw an image of the enemy on a white colored piece of paper with a stick of raw turmeric[Kachi Haldi in the Hindi language].

2] Then, wrap the piece of paper with a yellow colored silk thread, in such a way that the piece of paper is completely covered by the yellow colored thread.

3] To conclude the spell, keep the paper on the ground and press hard it with stone into the ground.

Note- Spoiling the voice, in the contest of this Voodoo Spell, means slurred speech, stammering, heavy tongue, hoarse voice, loss of words or oratory skills.

To cast a spell to immobilize or confine an enemy in a specific place or area, the Tantra given below has to be followed:

1] The steps in Serial Number 1 and 2 of the first spell and this spell are the same and have to be completed.

2] Then, the piece of paper, which has been wrapped with yellow colored thread should be tied to a stone. This concludes the spell to confine the enemy in a certain place.

Notes- Success in both these Voodoo Revenge Spells depends to a large extent upon the intensity with which they are practiced and the extent of the hatred for the enemy, rival or competitor.

The image mentioned in both spells, need not necessarily be of the exact likeliness of the enemy but of a doll, which the spell-caster imagines as his enemy.


  1. कागज पर शत्रु की imageबनाना सरल नही है ,न हर किसी के वश की बात है .क्या फोटो पर कच्ची हल्दी से पच्चिकारी कर क्रिया पूर्ण की जा सकती है ?

    1. A image of a simple doll can be drawn, which the Sadhak can imagine to be the enemy.

  2. शत्रु विध्वंशिनी स्तोत्र या बैरीनाशन काली कवच का प्रयोग कर शत्रु से छुटकारा पाया जा सकता है .

    1. Bairi nashini Kali kavach, shatru vidhvanshini stotra ke bareme adhik janakari dijiye

    2. कवच और स्तोत्र लंबे हैं .अपना मेल आई -डी दें,भेज दूँगा .

  3. Guruji please tell me can these 2 spells be combined as one? Can I tie the doll packet to a rock AND THEN once it is tied use the same rock while it is still tied to put on top of it and press it down? To both tie the enemy to the confined space AND hold it down at the same time? Thank you

  4. Sir,
    In the first procedure, should the paper is burried in the ground?
    In the second procedure, after tying the paper with the thread to the stone, where should that be kept? In the house or throwing away. Kindly reply.
    Thank you


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