Magical Paste for Becoming Invisible

This post is a continuation of my some of my earlier posts on Spells, Talismans and Tantras on invisibility and gaining the magical power of making yourself invisible to others in real life. In this post, I have written about a herbal paste, which is said to make the practitioner invisible to other persons.

The Invisibility Tantra described in this post is from the Vanaspati Tantra, the ancient Hindu Text on the Occult and Medicinal uses of tree, plants and other constituents of the Plantae Kingdom.

There is some information in the Vanaspati Tantra about the use of Epiphytic plants growing on the Ashoka tree in paranormal experiments practiced in India for becoming invisible. As explained earlier, Epiphytic plants, called as Banda in the Hindi language are parasite plants, which get their nourishment from the parent tree on which they are growing.

The exact timing for procuring the Epiphytic plant from the Ashoka tree is the specific period of the Uttara Nakshatra.

The Parent tree and the Epiphytic have to be worshiped by the practitioner, during the period of the Utatra Nakshatra for getting success in the invisibility experiment.

Then, the Epiphytic plant should be removed from the Ashoka tree and brought back to your home.

The Epiphytic plant should be bathed with clean and fresh drinking water and kept on a Puja Board or Altar, in a clean place in the house.

The Epiphytic has to be worshiped everyday before Sunrise, after having a bath and wearing clean clothes and incense and an oil lamp have to be lit in-front of it.

 Then, everyday a portion of the root of the Epiphytic plant should be grounded to a paste by adding a little bit of water.

The Tantra says that if the practitioner consumes this paste he will become invisible to others.

Note- The Vanaspati Tantra has not mentioned the exact quantity of the paste, which has to be consumed nor the exact period for which the effects of the invisibility paste last and the practitioner remains invisible.

As mentioned in an earlier post, there is certainly some other secret ritual, which has not been mentioned in the Vanaspati Tantra for the obvious reason that if such paranormal powers are gained by evil and mischievous persons, they are sure to cause immense harm to society.

If any person/persons possess such magical occult powers, they do not disclose them or publicize them and keep is a closely guarded secret, which is most probably handed over by the Guru to a chosen disciple.


  1. Dear neel sir,
    do you have a mantra sadhana to become invisible?

  2. SIR,for how many days we have to worship it before consuming it

  3. अदृष्टकरण ताबीज़--
    पकड़ खंजरी पिंजरा डारै , बरस एक ताकों प्रतिपारै .
    बरस एक दिन एसा आई ,सात पंख सिर निकसे ताई .
    तादिन दृष्ट न आवै सोय , जदपि रहै पिंजरा मे सोय .
    नैनन सो खोजत जिमि रहै ,जैसे हाथ मेलतिहि गहै .
    दोहा -सातों पंख उखाड़के कंचन मध्य मढ़ाय .
    कोई न देखै तासकों मुख मे लै तह जाय.

    1. Satya nidhi ji,Can I do Hawan of 7 Chakra Combined Mantra of 108 times on Srawan Somwar.

    2. ऐसा कोई निषेध देखने मे नही आया.

    3. ताविज़् बनाने की विद्बी क्या है प्रभु जी

  4. Neel sir, Can I do Hawan of 7 Chakra Combined Mantra of 108 times on Srawan Somwar.

  5. Guruji can u post ny sadhana to fly in sky . sadhana that can b done at home . ?

    1. किसी भी यक्षिणी / अप्सरा की साधना कर लीजिए .


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