Yantra to Retain Wife in her In-Laws Home

The Vashikaran Yantra given in this post is specifically used to make a woman stay along with her husband in the home of her in-laws. This Vashikaran Yantra could prove to be useful to those husbands who are a part of a joint family or are staying along with their parents due a variety of reasons, including lack of finances to purchase their own houses.

The joint family culture is still prevalent among a large section of the population of India due to age-old traditional customs. Along with this most young couples who are not part of the joint family culture have to stay in the home of the parents of the husband because they cannot afford to buy their own home.

In many cases, the bride wants the freedom to lead her own life in her own home. Hence, she is unwilling to reside with her husband in the joint family home or the home of her in-laws. This leads to quarrels and disagreements between the husband and wife, which have the potential of taking a serious turn.

The Vashkaran Yantra, described in this post, which is called as the Patni Ko Sasural Me Rakhne Ka Yantra, can be prepared on any auspicious occasion, like a Hindu festival, Shubh Tithi or Muhurat or in the period of any full or partial Solar of Lunar Eclipse.

The Vashikaran Yantra should be drawn on a Bhojpatra with a small pointed wooden stick as the pen and any perfumed or scented substance as the ink.

Indian Occult Yantra to Retain Wife in her In-Laws Home
Yantra to Retain Wife in her In-Laws Home

The word- देव्दुत्त in the image of the Yantra, should be replaced with the name of the unwilling wife who is sought to be retained in the joint family home or the home of her in-laws.

Then, it should be nicely folded and inserted in a metal locket and given to the unwilling wife to wear around the neck or wrist, like a talisman.


  1. कन्याया: पतिगृहे वासोपाय:(कन्या का अपने पतिगृह मे वास करने का उपाय )--
    एक पुराना शाबर मंत्र है.-
    ओम नमो भोगराज भयंकर परिभूय उत उधरइं जोई जोई देखे मारकर तासो सो दीखे पाँव परंता ओम नमो ठ: ठ: स्वाहा .
    सांभर नमक को 108 बार मंत्रित कर उस कन्या को खाने मे दें .


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