Paranormal Indian Remedies for Elephantiasis

Two traditional Indian healing remedies, which are said to cure the dreaded disease of elephantiasis, including scrotal elephantiasis are described by me in this post. These remedies, which have a paranormal element attached to them were practiced in India by the paranormal healers of the by-gone ages. There are still a few traditional Indian healers and Tantriks who prescribe such remedies.

As mentioned above,  elephantiasis is a dreaded and frightful disease, which makes the body parts of an unfortunate individual swell out of proportion causing the sufferer a great deal of pain and discomfort.

At the outset, it would be most appropriate to mentions that this site cannot vouch for the success of the remedies for curing elephantiasis as I have not witnessed them being practiced by anyone to cure any form of elephantiasis. Hence, readers should consider this post as one of those posts, which gives unique information about Indian healing remedies of the by-gone era.

There are two separate healing remedies, which were practiced to get relief from elephantiasis. Both are unique paranormal healing remedies for curing elephantiasis and are independent of each other and can be practiced seperately.

1] This remedy should be performed on a Sunday, the practitioner should go to an Aak Plant [botanical name being Calotropis and commonly called in the English language as the Sodom’s Apple Tree], which is growing in the South Direction from his house or the house of the person suffering from elephantiasis.

Firstly, he should light an incense stick and an oil lamp near the root of the Aak Plant and pray to the Aak tree to help him to get rid of the disease of elephantiasis of his patient or if he himself is the patient to cure him of the disease.

Then, he should bring the Aak Plant home and remove a portion it’s root and tie it with a red colored thread over the body part, which has been most severely effected by elephantiasis, like a healing talisman. Later on, the rest of the unused portions of the Aak Plant should be immersed in water.

2] This remedy can be practiced on any day. The practitioner should take a Yellow Colored Cowrie, which is having sixteen teeth.

He should make a small hole in the center of the Cowrie and insert a Black Colored there in the hole and tie it as a healing talisman on the body part, which is effected by elephantiasis.


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