Magical Talisman for Getting Money

In this post, I have written about an interesting method for getting or attracting money by using a money attracting talisman. This is a European Money Spell, which is contained in the Occult text of White and Black Magic; The Book of Forbidden Knowledge.

The Talisman is prepared thus – The practitioner has to obtain the eggs of a Shallow Bird from a nest belonging to that bird.  He has to bring the eggs to his home and then boil them. After this, he has to keep the boiled eggs back in the nest of the same swallow bird.

Then, when the swallow brings back a root to his nest, the practitioner has to remove it from the nest and keep it in his money purse as a magical talisman or object for getting money. This completes the Magical Spell to get money from expected or unexpected sources, including by way of windfalls or lotteries.

Note- This simple spell to get money is very much similar in nature to the magical and paranormal spells, which are contained in the Indian text of Occult and Magic Spells; The Lal Kitab.

It is most likely that as per the experience of some people, using these specific procedures on seemingly ordinary and commonplace objects, infused these objects with certain vibrations and energies, which turned them into magical charms and talismans. 


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