How to Master the Kleem Beej Love Mantra

The Siddhi over the Kleem – क्लीं Beej Mantra is considered to be of utmost importance for practitioners of the Akarshan Tantra. The Kaam Beej is the root sound, energy or vibration of passion, desire, love and sex. The Kleem Beej is also called as the Kaam Beej or the Beej of the Hindu Love God Kamdeva or the Gopi Krishna from of Krishna engaged in Raas Leela, symbolizing ultimate physical pleasure.

Mastery over the Kleem Beej is said to make it very easy for practitioners of the Attraction Tantra to successfully perform Mantra Experiments and Voodoo Spells related to Akarshan, Vashikaran and Mohini Mantra.

In order to gain Siddhi over the Kleem Beej, the procedure described below, which is a Tantric Sadhana that incorporates certain Yogic Mudras, is considered to be most helpful.

The Hindu Vibration Sound of Love
Kleem Beej Mantra
1] Everyday the practitioner has to sit down facing the South Direction, in the Yogic Pose of Dandasana and meditate for about 2 hours on the Kleem Beej Mantra.

2] He has to draw a mental image of the Yoni Mudra in the place between the eye-brows and mentally install the Kleem Beej Mantra inside it and meditate upon it. The color of the Kleem Beej on which the practitioner is meditating should be dark red in color.

3] The practitioner has to meditate in a mentally and physically relaxed state and use a Moonga Mala[Coral Beads Counting Rosary] and use his Kanishta Ungli [little finger] of his right hand, while using the Mala. Even though, there are no fixed number of Mantra Chants prescribed for this Mantra Sadhana, a counting rosary has to be used.

4] The Mastery over the Kleem Beej Mantra is gained after about 6 months of regular and dedicated meditation.

Note- As explained earlier, the Kleem Beej also corresponds to the Muladhara or the Root Chakra as the basic instincts of physical pleasure and re-production in human beings originate from this Chakra.

There are some Tantric Sadhanas of Kali Mata using the Kleem Beej, which are practiced for instant activation of the energies that trigger off the basic instincts of physical pleasure and bliss. 


  1. Neel sir
    It is also said that siddhi over kleem mantra is obtained by reciting 12 lakh chants in a fixed no of days

  2. कामदेव को प्रेम,सौंदर्य और काम का देव माना गया है,इसलिए प्रेम संबंधों मे कामदेव की उपासना का महत्व बताया गया है .
    क्लीम मंत्र तभी प्रभावकारी होता है,जब सही ढंग से उच्चरित किया जाय .इसको क्लीSSSSSSम
    (क्ली ईईईईईईम) KLEEEEEEEM की तरह ली को लंबा खींचते हुए उच्चरित करना चाहिए .
    कहा गया है कि यदि एक ही स्थान पर बैठकर अविराम इस बीजमंत्र का दस हज़ार जप करें,तो जीवन मे सफलता के साथ प्रेम मे भी विजय निश्चित है.

  3. Wonderful post sir.
    But to get the best results one must chant Kleem mantra as Kleeeeeeeeeeeeem.Try and elongate the 'e'.My personal experience and best way to chant Kleem beej mantra.

    1. How did you know the effect got better after you elongated the lee part of the Mantra? Could you please speak more about such an experience as I am thinking about doing a Beej Mantra Sadhana like this for the future Aakarshan Sadhana?

  4. Sir its just kleeem or anything more of this mantra.

  5. How can we appease God Yamaha dharmap raja

  6. Hi ,
    First of all, Amazing Article written.
    Also i found some resource on Google for Side effects of Kleem Mantra on
    Are they Real??

  7. Kleem Mantra is working,i chant for a week with many repetition ..effect lasts for 1 week only maybe because i didnt complete purascharana of it ...

    Guru Dattatreya mantra is working ..I have a problem,some spirit scratch me 3/4 days in a week ..once i chant dattatreya mantra , now no spirits scratches me ..

  8. Hello neel sir.
    I got a little bit confusing in step 2.

    That i hve to make a yoni mundra pose in my mind and place the kleem beej mantra. In that yoni mundra. Or
    I hve to make a yoni mundra with hand and place the kleem beej mamtra inside it and mediate.

  9. Kleem or kling which is correct way of pronouncing

  10. Can we attract a girl 500 km a way form me with KLEEM


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