Uses of Kapoor in Tantric Rituals

In this post, I have written about some popular uses of Kapoor in Tantric Rituals in India. Kapoor or Camphor as it is called in the Hindi language has always been associated with most Hindu religious and Tantric rituals. Kapoor is a natural purifying agent, which is most effective in removing malefic energies and vibration from a place or a person.

Dhanavriddhi or Increase in Wealth and Money- Any ritual being performed for the generation of wealth and money using Tantric items like Hatha Jodi, Dakshinavarti Shankh, Ekakshi Nariyal, Datta Yantra or Shri Phal will become more effective if Kapoor is among one of the offerings.

Havans- Havans will become more beneficial and fruitful if Kapoor is one of the ingredients. However, one thing should be kept in mind, the Havan should not be one, which is being performed for Tamsik or Destructive purposes.

Kapur, Kapoor or Camphor in Hindu religious rituals

Bhoot-Pret Badha Nivaran or Exorcism Rituals- Kapoor is effective in increasing the potency of Exorcism Mantras and Sadhanas like the Aura Cleansing of an affected person and removal of evil and dangerous energies from a house. Detailed Aura Cleansing Ritual can be seen here - Cleansing Aura with Camphor

Buri Nazar or the Evil Gaze- Rotating Kapoor [Utara] over the body of a person believed to be at the reviving end of Buri Nazar is one of the most simple, common and popular method of exorcising Buri Nazar in India.

Soubhagya Vardhak or Increasing Fortune- If used is daily ritual like Aartis, Kapoor is effective in removing malefic, dull and regressive energies from the surroundings and increasing the potency of the rituals.

Calling the Spirit of a Dead Person- The light emitting from one tablet of Kapoor and the smoke emitting from another tablet of Kapoor is used in ritual conducted for invoking spirits. However, Kapoor should not be used on a person who is on death bed but not dying because this is said to increase the suffering.

To Remove Foul Odor- Apart from its occult and religious uses Kapoor is extremely in removing bad odor from the house. Sprinkling Powdered Kapoor is not only effective in removing the foul smell but also effective in destroying the parasites responsible for the same.

Apart from the rituals mention above Kapoor is a very effective in increasing the power, potency and benefits of many Pure or Satvik religious and Tantric rituals.


  1. कपूर के लिए संस्कृत शब्द है -कर्पूर .शिवजी की स्तुति मे कर्पूर शब्द का कितना सुंदर प्रयोग है-
    कर्पूर गौरम करुणावतारम संसारसारम भुजगेंद्रहारम
    सदाबसंतम हृदयारविंदे भवम भवानी सहितम नमामि

  2. Neel to identify or know of a pure kapoor or camphor. Sir from what i know there are two types of camphor, one that releases black smoke that has a nice pleasant smell emanating from it when burnt and the other type of camphor which when burnt has no smell or smoke sir between these two, which is the camphor that we should use for pujas or it the one that releases smoke together with its own soothing fragrance or smell or the one that does not give out even smoke or fragrance.please guide sir.


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