Aura Cleansing Ritual Using Camphor

In this post, I have described  very simple method of aura cleansing, which can be useful not only to the practitioners of the Occult, but also for householders and lay-persons. This simple aura cleansing and purification ritual is most effective in ridding the aura of a person and his home of malefic, regressive, dull and harmful energies and frequencies. This ritual makes the use of the commonly found Camphor.

The use of Camphor or Kapur as it is called in the Hindi language as a Cleanser of negative energy and malefic vibratory infections of the human aura or a place, including a house is practiced in many parts of the world. Camphor has a special place in many Hindu rituals, the most common example is the lighting of Camphor in a Puja Thali and rotating the Thali before a deity while performing the Aarti.

This exorcism ritual should be performed after dusk. The practitioner should take a few tablets of Camphor in a small utensil and after lighting the Camphor take it to each and every corner of the house and rotate the Utensil thrice and say a small prayer to his favored deity to eradicate and exorcise the home of harmful energies.

This is a simple do-it yourself ritual, which can be performed by any person to exorcise his home of evil energies. Along with this cleansing ritual, another simple ritual can be performed to remove the harmful energies from the aura of a person suspected of being affected by Buri-Nazar[ evil-eye] or Jadu-Tona[ black-magic]. This ritual requires the help of another person.

To perform the evil-eye removal ritual, the affected person should be made to be made to stand in front of you and the Camphor should be lit in a small utensil and rotated thrice from head to toe of the affected person. While rotating the Camphor a small prayer should be made to your favored deity requesting for the removal of the evil energy from the being and aura of the affected person.

The same ritual should be repeated in exactly the same manner on the back, left and right side of the affected person.  A small Clay Lamp[Diya] can also be used instead of the utensil.

A few days back, I had written an article on Buri Nazar removal, invoking the deity Satvai Devi. The practitioner, if he wishes can use the same Black-Magic and Evil-Eye Removal Mantra, in place of the prayer. The technique is the same and hence, both the remedies described here can by performed using the same Mantra, in place of the prayer to the favored deity. That article can be seen here -  Devi Mantra to Remove Jadu-Tona


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