Healing Mantra Talisman for Rickets Cure

Rickets or Sukha Rog in the Hindi language is a dreaded disease, which affects small children. Rickets is normally cause due to the vitamin deficiency, usually inherited from the mother. Most cases of Rickets are easily treated and cured by proper medication. In this post, I have described an Indian Healing Mantra – Talisman  Remedy, which is practiced is some parts of India for treating and curing Rickets.

The Mantra Remedy, which invokes the God of Strength Hanuman is most simple to practice even for the lay-person. The home remedy should be preformed on any Tuesday.

The practitioner should take a clean and fresh small stick of the Jeera Plant  [Cumin in English]  and  insert it inside a Silver Locket.

Then, he should infuse the locket by chanting – Ramdut Hanuman – रामदूत हनुमान – 10 times.

Finally, the Healing Talisman should be tied around the neck of the child suffering from Rickets.

Notes- This home remedy for curing rickets is one of the many traditional Indian paranormal healing remedies, which are practiced all over India.

The remedy should be practiced along with the on-going medication to make the medication more effective and fruitful.

Another Indian paranormal remedy for Rickets, using a different Tantra was published a few years back can be seen here- Rickets Curing Home Remedy


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