Auspicious Timings for Mantra Sadhana

In this article, I have given further information about the most auspicious timings for starting a Mantra Sadhana. This article is an addition of the earlier article on the detailed rules and regulations relating to  the most auspicious timings or Muhurats in Sanatana Dharma for each Month of the Hindu Calendar. This article should be read with the complete article, which can be seen here – Sanatana Dharma Sadhana Niyam. - Ashok Mehta

For the months of Jyeshtha and Aashaadh:
Sunday 3.36 pm to 4.24 pm
Night-4.24 am to 6 am
Monday – Night-2.45 am to 3.36 am
Wednesday- Morning 6.45 am to 8.24 am
Friday- Night- 10.14 pm to 11.36 pm
Saturday: Morning- 6 to 6.45 am and Night 8.24 to 6.12 pm

For the months of Aashwin, Karrtik, Maagshsh and Pousha:
Monday- Morning 6.12 to 10.45 hours
Afternoon 3.36 to 18.00 hours
Tuesday- Afternoon 12.24 to 14.45 hours
Wednesday- Morning 6.45 AM to 8.24 AM
Thursday- Early Morning- 5.12 AM to 6 AM
Friday- Early Morning 4.24 AM to 6 AM
Night- 1.12 AM to 2 AM(Saturday according to English version)
Saturday- Early Morning- 5.12 to 6 AM

As already mentioned by me, these are Siddh Muhurat and one need not look at the Paksha, Tithi, Nakshatra, Bhav, Karan, etc before starting a Mantra Sadhana


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  3. Dear Ashok,
    one very important fact I wantto highlight in this comment.According to Western Calendar,daytime starts after is morning.nightime starts after 6pm.A day whch consists of 24 hours is divided into 12 hours each i.e in the morning till noon.And fro 12 noon to night.But according to our Hindu Calendar,day stars with sunrise and ends with sunset.After sunset the time till the next sunrise is considered nightime.Which timings of day and night a re correct?this isvery important for people who do mantra sadhanas.

    1. I have already answered this in the previous article on sanatana dharma articles. You can refer to that for proper understanding


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