Easiest Meditation to Free and Heal the Mind

In this post, I have described the simplest form of meditation, which leads towards freedom of the mind and paves the way to experience God. These tips are derived from the Rudrayamala Tantra, more specifically from one of its sub-sections, the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra. Even though it is most likely that there are additions to the original text as is is the case with many Hindu religious scriptures, one can derive the essence of the text from some or other unmodified verses of these compositions.

The real form of the Ever-Existent [Bhairava] is impossible to be fully perceived by even the most advanced of Sadhaks, including those whose who have fully awakened their Kundalini Shakti or those who have experienced total Non- Duality.

The various forms of Bhairava, including the nine basic ones, mostly frightening forms are only for the purpose of impressing upon non-believers and idiots about the power of Bhairava. These forms do not come even remotely close in describing the real nature of Bhairava. Bhairava is beyond attributes or any other scale of measuring power or energy and strength, he is immeasurable.

The only way for Sadhaks and those who are on the spiritual path to experience Bhairava is when the mind is free from the clutches of time and space and is totally free from bias.  There are many way and methods, including those related to the awakening and energizing of the Chakras or energy centers present in the body and breath control.

Even though, the Bhairava Tantra has described all these ways and means to experience reality, it also contains a most simple method to free the mind from enslavement. This method is most suitable for those people who wish to progress towards spiritually without practicing any specific methods or rituals.

The Tantra says that the Sadhak should meditate on mind and body being cleansed by the Kaalagni of all its impurity, morbidity and blockages.  The Kaalagni is the eternal flame or fire of purity. The Tantra further says that after meditating on his being, the Sadhak should mediate that the entire cosmos and its contents, including the earth and his being are being burnt of its impurities and healed by the Kaalagni.

This the Tantra says will enable the Sadhak to rapidly progress in the upwards direction in the path of spirituality and elevate his level of existence and become an enlightened being. When this happens, the Maya[Web of Illusion] is lifted and the mind experiences total freedom and experiences it true form, power and potential.

This form of meditation is also most beneficial for those people who are experiencing psychological problems like depression, anxiety, fear and phobias, to dissolve their problems  through this simple meditation technique.

This is also a great Meditation for burning away and becoming free from a guilty conscious resulting from the wrong doings and sins committed in  the past.

This simple yet most effective form of meditation can can be of great help for Sadhaks, Mantra-Tantra Upasaks and other practitioner of the occult like Tarot Card Readers, Black Magicians, Aura Readers and Healers, Psychics and Mediums to cleanse their aura of negative and regressive energies and vibrations.


  1. Dear Neel Sir
    Please tell me which mantra to say while meditaion.I am waiting for your answer I have been suffering all my life I see little hope and light from you blogs I read every morning first thing after I wake up.Please help

    1. There is no meditation mantra for this kind of meditation, read the article carefully.

  2. Hi,

    I am meditating to Lord Shiva daily since last few months for under an hour (half lotus). I try to increase the time I devote but after sitting for 30-40 minutes my ankles starts paining and somehow I manage to sit for 10-15 minutes more but when it becomes unbearable I force to stop. Is there any way I can sit for long without hurting my ankles. I desperately want to devote more time but I am unable to do so. I am currently using simple mat. Someone told me to use kambal as an aasan & it will provide support to ankles but I am unsure at this moment. Looking forward for your guidance.

    Thank you.

    1. Do the Meditation as long as you are relaxed and comfortable, slowly you can increase the timings.

    2. Thank you. One more thing, which form of mantra chanting do you suggest for optimal benefit during meditation I.e. loudly, lip only movement or silently within mind?

    3. Any way, in which you feel most comfortable, while meditating.


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