Powerful Hanuman Bandhan Mantra

In this Post, I have described a Powerful Shabar Vidya Hanuman Bandhan Mantra to prevent, stop and repel danger and harm from seen and unseen sources, including magical, mystical and paranormal sources.  As can be seen from the wordings of the Shabar Mantra, which are simple to interpret, the composer of the Mantra has blocked harm and danger from all possible threat sources.

The Mantra Experiment should be commenced on a Tuesday. On This day the Sadhak should prepare 10 small round balls [ Goli] of Black Bhainsa Guggul [ High quality Bdellium ] and keep them in front of Hanuman.
Then the Sadhak should perform a Panchopachara Pooja [worship in five steps] of Hanuman.
Then the Sadhak should offer a Bhog of Sweets[without salt] to Hanuman.
Then after 10 Pm at night the Sadhak should chant the Hanuman Mantra given below for 108 Mantra Chants. A Rudraksha Japa Mala is suitable for this purpose.
Finally to conclude the Mantra Sadhana, the Sadhak should offer each of the 10 Guggul Balls to a Havan, while chanting the Hanuman Mantra.
This concludes the Hanuman Disha and Khatra Bandhan Mantra Experiment to block harm form all kinds of negative energy and vibratory source.

ॐ महावीर हनुमंता, ॐ काला टंक हनुमंता, ॐ रक्त हनुमंता | ॐ चल चल अंजनी पुत्र ! ग्रह चल हांक देत हांड़ी | कूदी हनुमंत लंका जारी, पवनपुत्र अंजनी आनंद कारी | राम दूत हनुमंत रवं रवं रवं षट ग्रह, हं हं हं हंकार माज माजी | राकिनी-डाकिनी भूत-प्रेत पिशाच बंध बंध | वीर हनुमान | ढाल बंध, तलवार बंध, तुपक बंध, नेजा बंध, फरसा बंध, बान बंध, कोटक बंध, चण्ड बान बंध, रथ बंध, पृथ्वी बंध, आकाश बंध, पातळ बंध, फौज बंध, कंकर बंध, पत्थर बंध, अग्नि बंध | वीर हनुमंत ! ना बांधो, तो माता अंजनी को दोहाई | गुरु की शक्ति मेरी भक्ति | फुरो मंत्र इश्वरो वाचा |
Om Mahaveer Hanumanta, Om Kaala Tank Hanumanta, Om Rakt Hanumanta | Om  Chal Chal Anjani Putra ! Graha Chal Haank Det Haandi | Koodi Hanumant Lanka Jaari, Pavanputra Anjani Anand Kaari | Ram Doot Hanumant Ravam Ravam Ravam Shat Graha, Ham Ham Ham Hamkaar Maaj Maaji | Raakini-Shaakini, Bhoot-Pret, Pishacha Bandh Bandh | Veer Hanuman | Dhaal Bandh, Talwaar Bandh, Tupak Bandh, Neja Bandh, Farsaa Bandh, Baan Bandh, Kotak Bandh, Chand Baan Bandh, Rath Bandh, Prithvi Bandh, Aakash Bandh, Paatal Bandh, Fouj Bandh, Kankar Bandh, Pathar Bandh, Agni Bandh | Veer Hanumanth ! Naa Baandho, To Mata Anjani Ko Dohaaee | Guru Ki Shakti Meri Bhakti | Furo Mantra Ishvaro Vaachaa |


  1. This mantra sounds like it can really work.

  2. Ashokji, jai St ram , jai hanuman. a) for how many days should we perform this , b) can women do perform this, c) is it for victory over enemies and court cases d) what is black bhainsa guggul? I am from south India unaware of it. Please guide me e) can I start from 13th september Tuesday and from 15th pitrapaksh is starting.please advice. Jai sri ram

  3. Ashokji. Which is the best mantra to defeat enemy? Which is the best remedy to sell the property? Please guide

    1. For getting rid of enemies, Narsingh mantra which starts as "Om ugraveeram mahavishnum...".
      For selling property you must worship prithvi devi or do sunderkand paath.

  4. Namaste Ashok sir, myself Madhu my family given money to another family almost 8 to ten yrs back but they are not returning back . they change there residence also.we are having only phone no which is still active. Please suggest any Hanuman sadhana frim which we can get back money.

  5. Same my prb people take many and never return it plz tell how to get back money back

  6. Plz give single beej mantra to solve A to Z prb

    1. You should try to chant the mantra mentioned in "most powerful ganesh mantra sadhanas"

  7. Guruji pronam,
    I do regularly Puja of hanumanji. I m facing a problem and getting no way to overcome from that. One of my friends borrowed Rs 3.5lac from me on 2011 and not returning it. So guruji plz suggest me what to do...plz waiting for your suggestion.

  8. For all of the above money related problems, I suggest y'all to call a pujari and do durga saptashati paath in your home.

  9. Guruji namaste, what ever d mantra is giving here.. For getting siddi on it, is it Deeksha required ?

    1. Diksha is not needed for this Mantra, which is a one time experiment that can be performed again in the same manner, if the need is felt,


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