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Beneficial Surya Mantra to Fulfill Wishes

Following is a very beneficial Surya Mantra which fulfills various wishes of life.
Following are the benefits:
1. Ultimate Mantra for people who want a male child
2. Improving eyesight
3. Making the body Tejasvi
4. Vaak Siddhi
5. Beneficial for increasing wealth, food, pet animals, the size of land owned, sons, friends, wives, Tej, semen, success, fame, glory, knowledge, intelligence and luck. - Ashok Mehta

Method of performing the Surya Mantra Prayog:
1. Start the Mantra Experiment from the day of a Shukla Paksha Sunday.
2. Sit on a red Aasan facing the Sun
3. Light a Diya.
4. Worship Guru, Ganesh, Vishnu, Shiva, Shri Rama and Surya Dev. Then, recite the Surya Kavach.
5. Then, Offer Ardhya to the Sun and  take a Sankalp for the desired wish.
6. Recite this Mantra 10,000 times on that day itself.
7. This will give you Siddhi over the Mantra.

After this, every day wake up at sunrise and chant at least 1 rosary daily and then offer Ardhya. The person who begins this Mantra Sadhana should now forever maintain the rule of offering Ardhya first and then eating his food.

Though the Surya Mantra Sadhana is of just one day, I think it should be repeated 4 times, on Sundays for getting the full benefits.

Viniyog: || ॐ अस्य सूर्य मंत्रस्य, भृगु ऋषीः, गायत्री छंदः, दिवाकरो देवता, ह्रीं बीजं, श्रीं शक्तिः, दृष्टादृष्ट फल सिद्धये, मम सर्व अभीष्ट सिद्धयर्थे जपे विनियोगः ||

|| Om asya surya mantrasya, bhrigu rushihi, gayatri chandaha, divaakaro devta, hring beejam, shreem shaktihi, drushtaadrusht fal siddhaye, mama sarv abhisht siddhyarthe jape viniyogaha ||

Dhyaan : ||रक्ताब्ज युग्मा भय दान हस्तं ।
केयूर हारांगद कुंडलाध्यम् ।
माणिक्य मौलीं दिननाथ मीडे ।
बंधूक कांति विलसत्त्रिनेत्रम् ।।
।।raktaabja yuva bhay daan hastan |
| Keyur haaraangad kundaalaadhyam|
| Maanikya maulin dinnaath meede |
Bandhuk kaanti vilasat-trinetram ||

Mantra: || ॐ ह्रीं घृणि: सूर्य आदित्य श्रीं ||
||Om hring ghrunihi surya aaditya shreem |

Note - for Purushcharan, Mantra must be chanted 10 lac(1 million) times.


  1. Jai Shree Ram! Namashakar Ashokji,
    1) I always have confusion when to pronounce hrin(g) or hrim.

    2) In Hanuman sadhana there are big mantra its pronunciation is KAM KHAM GAM GHAM or KAN(G) KHAN(G) GAN(G) GHAN(G)

    3) In Ganpati mantra is it OM GAN(G) GANAPATAYE NAMH correct pronunciation or OM GAM GANAPATAYE NAMH

    4) can Surya sadhana be done at temple from where Sun can be seen. In Mumbai it is next to impossible to see sun from flat/house

    5) in case if we can't see sun how to give arghya

    Jai Shree Ram! Jai Veer Hanuman

    1. 1. Hrim is used in satvik and rajasic mantras. Hring is used in shabar and tantrik mantras
      2. I don't know about any such mantra.
      3. Gan
      4. You can.
      5. It is not possible that you cannot see sun. Sun can be seen from anywhere.
      Jay Shri Rama

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. You cannot. If you get up for ardhya, your sadhana will get khandit

  3. Namashkar guru Ji.please advice me about kulik sarpdosha and rahu ketu mahadasha and antardasha remedies and mantra prayoga.thanking you

    1. Soni ji. You can perform Sarpha rahu kethu dosha pooja @ Sirkalahasthi, Andhra Pradesh.

    2. Sri Ganesha shravan Ji.i have done pooja at kaalahasti and at nasik but no result I got.

    3. Do the Pooja at kalahasthi on Tuesday at rahu Kal time u will get good result

  4. Dear Ashok Sir,
    Sun is known to give reputation.will chanting the given above sun mantra and procedure increase ones reputation and give name and fame?

  5. My girlfriend left me alone and lives in other state please help me out I want to marry her only and want to live my life with her no one else

  6. Respected Sir,
    Thankyou for sharing such a beautiful sadhana,i am a surya jatak and i will be highly benefitted from this sadhana,
    i have a small doubt,
    -Which rosary should be used for recitation of this surya mantra
    Thank you...

  7. Can women do this Surya sadhana and during monthly cycle do we have stop and than continue as usual Surya sadhana

  8. can i take sankalp and do the sadhana for my friend who keeps on crying for A MALE CHILD AFTER HAVING 3 DAUGHTERS

    1. A mantra siddhi sadhana can only be done by that person or by a brahmin

  9. Namaste Ashok sir,in dhyan shlok is it yugma or Yuva , because in English version it is given as Yuva and in Hindi it is given as yugma Please check it sir!!!

  10. Sir.How will I give arghya if i doing Puja in my Puja room.. please clarify..

  11. Pranam guru ji
    I wanted to ask that I have been given mantra by one very devoted maa durga devotee who had spiritual powers. He told me to use the beej HRING. But while chanting the mantra I had always chanted as HRIM. Is it fine or I should chant HRING as told by him. He has passed away. so I was bit confused on what to pronounce.

    1. You should follow the advise given by your Guru.


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