Jain Vashikaran Yantra Mantra

In this post, I am writing about a special Jain Vashikaran Yantra Mantra Experiment using specially prepared Vashikaran Yantra containing Beej Akshar Mantras, which is infused by a Mantra that originates from Jainism. This is a Satvik Sarvajan Vashikaran Yantra, which is believed to put a strong Occult Spell of attraction and enchantment over all those people whom the practitioner comes across in his day to day life.

The Yantra Prayoga is very simple, the practitioner is advised to make the Yantra on any auspicious and favorable Hindu or Jain festival, Tithi or Astrology Yoga.

The Yantra shown by me in the diagram attached in this post should be prepared on a Bhojpatra using Kesar[Safron] paste and written with a small pointed wooden stick.

Jain Vashikaran Yantra Voodoo Spell
Jain Vashikaran Yantra 
Then, the Vashikaran Yantra should be placed in front of you and worshiped with offerings of flowers, Oil Lamp and Agarbatti.

Then, the practitioner should chant the Mantra given below for 108 Mantra Repetitions.  A Rudraksha Japa Mala can be used for the purpose of keeping track of the number of Mantra Chants.

ॐ नमो अर्हंताय स्वाहा ||
Om Namo Arhantaaya Swaha ||

Finally, the practitioner should wear the Yantra on his body around the wrist or neck in a Metal Locket like a lucky talisman.


  1. Hi Neel Sir, the mantra written on the left vertical side seems to be mirror image. Please correct me

  2. sir pps tell me about yatra mantra for career and job in defence or police plss humble request pls sir
    jai shree raammm
    jai bholenath jai shiv

  3. sir please tell about yantra mantra sadhna for getting job career in police defence please repy my post
    jai ramdoot hanuman
    jai shree ram
    jai shiv shankar

  4. Hi Neel Sir, can you please guide me. If we use this powerful yantra do we have to follow Jain food restrictions? I mean vegetarian food, no garlic, onion, potato. etc

    1. On the day you perform the experiment, you should have Satvik food and maintain good moral conduct. On other days you can lead your normal routine.

  5. neel sir pls tell me sandhna for defense police job career plsss sir

    1. Search for job related remedies, using site search and in future leave your comments on the concerned posts only.

  6. Thnx Neel Sir for reply....and in future ill comment on concerned posts. I was only asking for sadhna for wish fulfillment.
    jai shiv shambuu

  7. Sir I lost my 7 years love. I want back her. She is totally changed. what should I do? I want marry with her.


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