Sarvajan Vashikaran Yantra

Sarvajan in Tantric terms applicable to this Vashikaran Yantra of Attraction means everyone, including men, women, children and animals. Hence this Yantra which I am speaking about in this post is also another one of the Vashikaran Voodoo Enchantment Spells to bring any person be it a desired lover, husband, wife or a business or social associates or a relative under a spell and be able to control and manage that person. The only thing different about this Vashikaran Yantra is that it uses a numerological combination of letter, symbols and numbers.

The Vashikaran Experiment can be performed on any auspicious day as per the Hindu calendar, like an auspicious Tithi or festival like Holi, Sankranti, Vijayadashmi or Diwali or any kind of Grahan Kaal [Solar or Lunar Eclipse]. On the selected day, the practitioner should prepare the Yantra on a Bhojpatra using the paste of Ashtagandha as the ink and a wooden twig as the pen.

Once the Yantra has been prepared and duly worshiped with the usual offerings of nice smelling flowers, incense and oil lamp, the practitioner should nicely fold and put it inside a Silver Locket and wear it like a talisman around his or her neck.

Voodoo Yantra for enchanting one and all
Sarvajan Vashikaran Yantra

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  1. Do we have to use pure silver locket? (its really expensive and not readily available) so,can we use steel locket as an alternative or any other locket??

    1. I'd prefer a copper locket for its vibration is awesome and you literally feels the energy flow. So can copper be used this experiment?

  2. So many times I have told about my problems but no result again am telling you I love a girl but she doesn't love me but without her I can't stay I wanna marry her any any how but I want her to love me & marry me & want her to tell me that she loves me & marry me as soon as possible but for this I can't pay you a single penny bcuz 3 years ago I lost my father & at present am staying with my mother & I don't hv any way of income at present am unemployed so how we are living plz send some real & genuine solution

  3. Hi sir, can one use tooth pick as a pen for writing in the absence of specified plant.

    1. The specified plants have a meaning attributed to them.
      If no plant is specified then a tooth pick or matchstick can be used.

  4. Hello Sir!
    I have made this yantra on this makar sankranti and I'm wearing it in silver locket , since I started wearing it I had strange experiences which I can not write here in public , but I want to ask is this possible this yantra attracts humans, animals and negative energies as well??
    please sir do respond I'm scared and I will truly appreciate your quick response

    Thank you

    1. If you have had strange experiences, which are negative, depressing and unpleasant then remove the Yantra from the Silver Locket and immerse it any flowing water body like a river.

    2. Now to answer that, we need to know if it attracted, any of the human or animal to you. Or is it just negative energy you attracting? If it is a sarvajan vasheekaran yantra, it is supposed to attract all good and bad. You can probably do a kavach and caste it on family as well for your familys protection comes first and then you. That's how I am, not sure about you. But again, if you use any kinda shield, and if this yantra invokes a pishacha or pistachio, it's gonna be a mess again...

  5. Dear angel,
    Pls share what type of bad experiences u faced while wearing this yantra

  6. Neel Sir,
    How can we prevent such bad experiences and how to overcome such situations while facing it

    Pls Advise.

    1. Why is the fear of experiencing bad experiences, the practitioner should never fear or have doubt while performing any kind of Mantra Experiment.

    2. Sir,
      Nothing to Fear at all but cure should b there ... without prior weapon .. leaving ourself in Danger is too Risky..
      Which leads me to ask or advise from Guru Ji

      Need your kind guidance n support to overcome risk factors,,

  7. Can i wear this yantra on my right hand wrist?

  8. Dear Sir Pranaam
    I want to make this yantra in this navratri period.
    Sir you have mentioned that this yantra is use to enchant living beings(i.e,men ,women and animals), Is it also possible it to draw the supernatural force towards us. sir i am asking this as I stay alone away from family and want to be cautious and guarded. Looking forward for your reply sir
    Thankyou .

  9. See the reply to the above question on fear, if you are unable to overcome fear, you should stay away from most Mantra Experiments.

  10. Hi Guruji,

    Can we maintain several Yantras into single place like in wallet or purse ?

    can we insert multiple yantras into single locket ?

    1. As regarding the locket, I have already answered your question, it is not advisable.
      But you can place the Yantra in the purse or wallet, if the Yantra are for different purposes.


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