Gomti Chakra Mantra Experiment for Progeny

This Shabar Mantra Experiment is extremely easy and simple to practice for any person who is wishing for begetting progeny to practice. To practice this Mantra Experiment all that is needed is the Gomti Chakra, a Tantric item, believed to be dear to Vishnu and Laxmi. The Gomti Chakra is used in numerous kinds of Tantric rituals as a good luck-bringing talisman, more information about the Gomti Chakra can be found in the article published – Here.

The Santan Prapti Hetu Mantra Prayoga can be performed at any time and all that the man or woman desiring for a child has to do is to chant the Mantra shown by me in the image five times and then immerse five Gomti Chakras in a flowing water body like a river, lake, canal or the sea.

The Santan Prapti Hetu Mantra is simple and easy to pronounce and chant.  This is a onetime Mantra Experiment and there is no need to energize the Gomti Chakras in order to practice this experiment.

Gomti Chakra used in Mantra Experiment for Progeny
Gomti Chakra Mantra Experiment for Progeny

Please note that birth like death is in the hands of God, this site is only providing information on Hindu Mantra Remedies to the needy.

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