Mantra to Energise Gomati Chakra

Most of you would have heard of the Gomati Chakra; the famous religious charm, said to usher in good fortune, luck, money, wealth and abundance; Laxmi Kripa. And also Vishnu Kripa; to make the home and office free from any malefic defects and to protect the residents and bestow good health and a full life upon them.

If you come across a genuine Gomati Chakra; the one found in Gujarat’s Gomati River, then there is a proper way of energizing this charm with a unique Laxmi Mantra to make it more potent and helpful. I will explain about the Gomati Mantra Sadhana here in this post.
Do the Sthapana on a Monday at the time of Sunrise. Wash the Gomati Chakra with raw cow milk and wipe it clean and then take any Thali and spread some rice grains in the Thali and keep the Gomati Chakra over it. The light a Diya and Agarbatti in front of it.

Then chant 5 Malas of the Laxmi Mantra given here. The Mantra has to be chanted for 14 days in this period you have chant a total of 70 Malas. Any kind of Mala can be used and for the Sadhana you have to face the East.

After the Prayog is completed keep the Gomati Chakra in the Pooja Place or a clean Place in your office, before an image of idol of Laxmi. The rice grains which have been used for the Sadhana have to be immersed in a river, lake or the sea.

A mantra to infuse the luck charm Gomati Chakra
Mantra to Energise Gomati Chakra

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  1. Dear Sir,
    i followed your blog since 3 days, it is awesome guide from you.
    Actually i am in debt and financial problem from 2 yrs, I can not find any solution but when i see your guidance i am feeling good. Sir, can you guide me how remove debt from my life and get success, I want to reborn with fresh life. Hope you are understand of my current situation.

    For this reason i had stop my study and sacrifice daily life happy.
    My life with mother i want to see her happy smile.

    Please, help me out i waiting for response, i can do anything any tough work. I should not say "i am in hurry" but its took 2yrs and now its time to return principle money to them, how can i return where i have no solution for that.

    I need guide from you, if you want then please share with me.

  2. if a blog in hindi more easy and i like it

  3. Hello sir,
    Greetings from England.i would like to know if there is any way you can know a given tomato chakra is genuine or not.secondly can the above mentioned puja be done by a lady during her periods?
    Many thanks

  4. Dear sir,
    Namaste, I following ur blog nd its very me that to energies gomti chakra we have to do these rituals everyday before chanting or only start of these process first day than other day chanting only mantra.and did we minimise the day and chant more than 5 malas per day??
    Your reply will be great help to me.
    Pl.reply sir asap.

    1. This energisation Sadhana of the Gomati Chakra should only be performed while installing them in the Place of Worship or any other place as mentioned in the above article.

  5. What should be done if a person want to wear a gomti chakra as a pendent does it effect the human aura..also is it alllowed

  6. प्रिय श्री नील ,
    मे आपकी इस साइट का 78 वर्षीय एक साधारण पाठक हूँ ,जो साल भर से ज्ञान वृद्धि के लिए इसे देख रहा है .गोमती चक्र के बारे मे पढ़ा था क़ि न्यायालयीन प्रकरण मे,व्यापार वृद्धि मे,रोगमुक्ति आदि मे उपयोगी है,लेकिन चक्र देखा नही था , अनायास ही मुझे गोमती चक्र प्राप्त हो गये और उक्त विधि से मैने उन्हे अभिमंत्रित कर लिया.लक्ष्मी मंत्र उच्चरित करते हुए उल्लसित हुआ जैसे लक्ष्मी चली आ रही है.
    इस उपयोगी साइट के लिए आभारी हूँ.

    1. Really appreciate that you find the contents of this site useful.

  7. Dear sir,
    Very good blog regarding Gomti chakra. I want to know how can gomti chakra energise for interview or getting job. Have you any mantra for energise ?


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