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Paranormal Remedies for Cancer

Cancer is a dreaded word; the brain is sub consciously tuned never to think about it; it is something which always happens to other people. But when diagnosed for this dreaded disease, the brains stops thinking.

I periodically get mail from those, unfortunate to have been struck by cancer and their loved ones. I have tried to post paranormal remedies and mantra/ tantra to eradicate cancer; however much depends upon God and your personal resolve to triumph over cancer.

Of the various Hindu Mantras, The Maha-mrityunjaya mantra is said to be most effective; this mantra or one of its variants can be chanted. This mantra along with Shiv Aradhana or worship of Shiva is what most of the religious Indian scriptures advise. I have given a diverse collection in this section - Shiva Mantras.

Among the paranormal remedies; offering water to a Peepal Tree [Sacred Fig] everyday has been recommended. If the sick person can afford it; then giving charity, equaling to his weight to needy persons is recommended in the texts. Giving a Cow to some needy person as charity has also been prescribed.

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