Description of the Visions of Nostradamus

The method used by Nostradamus to visualize and compose the “Prophecies” has been given much earlier in the post on the specific Tantra which he practiced. You can read it here in this post - Secret Method of Nostradamus. Here in this post is given a description of what actually happened before and after the visions of Nostradamus; after he had mastered the Tantra.

The first experience has been described by Nostradamus  – While he was sitting in his room with the brass tripod filled with water in front of him, the water in the tripod started shaking and shivering. He could feel the currents and vibrations from the water entering his body. His hands were trembling and there was no strength in them; even to hold the pen. The room was filled with a mysterious, fearful and ghostly mist. The atmosphere became heavy and he could sense ghostly figures moving around in the room.

Steam was emitting from the surface of the water and in such a terrifying atmosphere he could visualize an angel manifest from the sky. Nostradamus bent forward and tried to hear what the angel was saying, he could hear a shrill voice emitting from a void. Even as his shoulders started trembling, Nostradamus held the pen tightly and started writing down whatever he could hear. Then slowly the voice started becoming clearer and he could fully hear what the angel was saying.

These visions started repeating without fail every night. As Nostradamus put it – He was visualizing the events of the future unfold before him with his ears and eyes and was writing them down as he saw them unfold. Every day Nostradamus was becoming more and more fearful as the frightening and violent sequence of the events of the  destruction  to come in the future started unfolding.

These visions continued for numerous nights and finally the angel told Nostradamus “the world will be destroyed; but this future will never be revealed to mankind fully”.

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