Predicting Traits in Women from Neck

Kantha means the neck and Kantha Lakshan means predicting the traits as seen from the neck. This is a continuation of the series in which the traits and future is a person are predicted from the body parts. This post comprises of the translation of three verses from the original Sanskrit scripture which highlights these traits.

“The woman whose neck is well rounded and straight and which is four fingers long is the darling of her husband”

“The woman whose neck bone is covered with flesh and which is unseen and on whose neck are three lines and which in the front is an auspicious indication; and what is opposite of this is said to be inauspicious”

“The woman whose neck is large and fat is the one whose husband has deserted her. The one with a reddish neck is always under the domination of others. Flat neck indicates widowhood, whereas a short neck indicates poverty”

Please look up the section on Future Mantras - Tantra before arriving at any fixed conclusions.

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