Dreams about Sun, Moon and Stars

Dreaming about the Planets, Stars and other Heavenly bodies is most common. Normally most people dream about the Sun or the Moon in various sizes and shapes or stages of brightness; the Indian Dream Tantra has given unique interpretations and meanings for such dreams.

However I would advise you to have a look at some articles given in this section - Indian Paranormal Beliefs before you arrive at a conclusion about your dreams.

Dreaming of very bright and glowing Sun or Moon – Your grief and sadness will come to an end and indication of good days ahead.
Dreaming of both the Sun and Moon – Hint of sadness; a bad omen.
Seeing the Sun or Moon near your bed – Unexpected money or profit from a Woman.
Seeing a Circle around the Sun or Moon – Success in business or employment.
Seeing the Sun or Moon becoming smaller and smaller – Indication of the death of a leading member of the family.
A lot of Stars – You will become rich and wealthy. Good fortune and happiness.
Seeing a Star break – Sadness and shortage of money.
Seeing a broken Star – Warning of troubles, problems and danger.
Seeing the Sky – Honor and the birth of a male child.
Full Moon – Indication of getting married soon, medals and titles coming your way. If a married woman dreams sees this dream, then indication that her daughter will be very fortunate; if a married Man has this dream, then his son will be most fortunate.
Dreaming of a very hot Sun, hot temperature, rising Sun, setting Sun – All these dreams indicate that you are going to get a high position or get success. Indication of good health or improvement in health.
Dreaming of the Crescent Moon – Success in love affairs, travel and success. If a spiritual persons dreams of a bright Moon, then it indicates spiritual advancement.
The Eclipse Moon – Warning of a big danger.
If the Eclipse Moon starts getting bright again – Ladies should interpret this Dream as a profit from a new source. Men should interpret it as happiness and abundance.
Sun and Moon covered by Clouds – Bad news.
A Star having a Tail – Physical problems.
Solar Eclipse – A friend will die or a loss of friendship.
Dreaming of eating the Sun – Become powerful or very rich.

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