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Simple Saraswati Mantras for students

These are a couple of really simple Saraswati Mantras for student. These mantras have been recommended by me because they are small and easy to recite and do not involve any complicated procedures. The meaning of these mantras is equally simple – I pray to the Goddess who is knowledge. This helps students understand that knowledge is divine; knowledge has to be respected and that knowledge is God.

Mantra to shut the mouth of enemies

This is a Shabar Mantra to shut the mouth of your enemies . Enemies are more often than not liable to do harm to your reputation by way of malicious defamation. This may be in the form of rumors or false allegations to damage your reputation.

Gayatri Mantra for all purposes

The Gayatri is probably one of the most chanted and most scared of the Hindu Mantras. This is the mantra for illumination of the mind and to take one to the right path. Most of the Hindu deities have their own individual Gayatri Mantras attributed to them. A lot of people who don’t have sufficient time at their disposal are confused as to which mantra they should recite; the Gayatri Mantra or the Gayatri Mantras for their favored deities.

Mantra to make a snake go away

In the past I have given some mantras to remove fear of snakes and also for protection from snakes. The mantra which I am giving here is one which makes a snake come out from its hole or hiding place and go away.

Mantra to protect against black magic by enemy

This is an ancient Indian Shabar Protection mantra to protect oneself and deflect all kinds of black magic experiments conducted by your enemy to harm you. This mantra is an invocation to Hanuman for protection against black magic by the enemy.

Mantra to remove ex-lover turned enemy

This is a mantra for women to remove an ex-lover who is has become an enemy and is becoming an obstacle to your getting married. This problem happens mostly in countries like India where pre martial love affairs are still frowned upon and are taboo.

Laxmi Mantra for positivity

This is a powerful Laxmi Sarva Karya Siddhi mantra meaning a powerful Laxmi mantra for all purposes. The mantra is dedicated to Laxmi in the form of Padmavati ; the one who processes the lotus.

Sun Mantra for fulfillment of all desires

This is a most powerful Sun or Surya Mantra for fulfillment of all desires. This mantra is dedicated to the Sun or Surya; the only living God we see; without whom we cannot exist for a single moment. This mantra has to be chanted 108 times at sunrise every morning after having a bath. The Mantra removes all negative and malefic auras and energies from your surroundings and ushers in the positive and powerful rays of the Sun.

Mantra to silence enemies

This is a Shabar Mantra for enemies. This Mantra is known as the Shatru Mukh Stambhan Mantra meaning Mantra to silence enemies . This Mantra is suitable when you are certain that your enemies might try to harm you by defaming you or that they might have discovered your secrets; by which they might harm you. Also useful in court proceedings where the enemy is likely to give damaging evidence against you.

Evolution and the nature of aging

We are eukaryotes, life forms with chromosome pairs in cell nuclei having chromosome ends. Such chromosomes have telemere ends which protect the genes and the gene regulating DNA sections within the chromosomes. (Prokaryotes are simpler unicellular life forms having no distinct nuclei. They instead have chromosome loops, thus protectively having no fragile ends.)

Mantra to find hidden wealth

This is a Tantrik Yakshini Mantra Sadhana . This Sadhana is done to win the favor of the Pramoda Yakshini. This Yakshini is said to be a feminine energy which is said to show the location of hidden wealth. The Pramoda Yakshini Mantra given below has to be chanted 1000 times after midnight after having a bath and wearing clean clothes.

Mantra for Akshaya Tritiya

Today is Akshaya Tritiya; one of the most auspicious days in the Hindu calendar. Best wishes to all the readers of this site on this most auspicious occasion. This day comes every year on the third Tithi [third day] of the Shukla Paksha [waxing moon] in the Hindu month of Vaishakha. Normally Indians purchase gold, jewellery and other household and luxury items on this day.

Prediction of hostage crisis by Nostradamus

This Nostradamus Quatrain appears to be descriptive of a typical hostage crisis. However this has to be huge event as it has been found worthwhile by Nostradamus to have included it in his prophecies. This Quatrain appears in Century 10 which has some of the most disturbing prophecies; yet to be fulfilled. Some of these have already been interpreted by me as concerning the much awaited World War 3 .

Shiva Guru Mantra

Many times one experiences that even in spite of every possible effort one does not achieve success in achieving Siddhi [mastery] over paranormal sciences like Mantra Vidya , Tantrik rituals or for that matter any other paranormal science.

Traditional Indian remedy for hair fall

Hair fall can be triggered off due to a variety of reasons; most common amongst these are genetic, emotional, impurities of the blood and stomach. No clear cut remedy exists to arrest hair fall and activate regrowth of the hair. However some traditional remedies claim to stop hair fall and enhance regrowth.

Mantra to raise the Kundalini

This is a mantra to raise and awaken the Kundalini which lies coiled in a dormant state in the Muladhara Chakra. This Kundalini awakening mantra is said to trace its origin to the Nath Sampradaya.

Sheetla Mata mantra for small pox and measles

Sheetla Mata is the Indian Goddess who is worshipped to get cured of small pox, chicken pox, measles, severe infections of the skin and blood and diseases related to excess heat in the body. This mantra given in this post is a mantra recited to seek the favor of Sheelta Mata in curing the diseases which I have mentioned above. This mantra has to be chanted 108 times in any Shakti temple; if a temple of Sheetla Mata is located in your town; nothing like it.

Mantra for protection against insects and animals

A lot of people are troubled by insects, rodents, snakes and other animals in their sleep; this depends upon where they sleep. Still others have a phobia of being harmed by insects or animals while sleeping.

Mantra for stress and tension relief

This is a mantra for stress and tension relief. This mantra is comprised of unique Beej Aksharas which are a combination of sound frequencies combined for a specific purpose or goal. This mantra is beneficial in giving relief from stress and tensions which can if they start accumulating lead to serious physical and psychological disorders.

Mantra for stomach diseases and ailments

This is a Mantra for diseases and ailments related to the stomach. This is a rare Shabar Health mantra which is dedicated to Hanuman; an important deity in the science of Shabar Vidya.

How life first gets formed on earth

When molecular forms slowly began to develop naturally off Earth, as may become discovered on a few other planets or even a few big moons, forms which could catalyze the formation of like molecules joined from the surrounding variety of natural nonlife chemicals, then this would have essentially become a natural beginning of at first extremely simple very early "life" there.

Paranormal remedy increase the brain powers of children

This is a paranormal Indian remedy increase the brain powers of children Some times even though a child may be otherwise physically fit and healthy; he is found lagging behind his peers in mental capacity.

Shiva mantra for those on death bed

This is a great affirmation for those who are seriously ill and dying. This is an ancient affirmation from an ancient Indian scripture which I found to be of great interest. This can also be taken to be a Shiv Mantra for those on death bed.

Mantra to remove migraine - 3

This is a Shabar health mantra which is dedicated to Hanuman. This is another mantra to remove migraine. You can also check the other two mantras given before in the section on Health Mantras . The Siddhi is acquired by chanting the mantra 108 times and taking some Bhasma [ash from the sacred fire]. This Bhasma has to be kept aside in an envelope for you to use it whenever required.

Simple remedies for delayed marriage - 2

These are some most simple paranormal Indian remedies which are said to remove obstacles and hindrances coming in the way of marriage. 1] On any Thursday mix a few Kesar [Saffron] sticks in the bucket of water with which you are going to have your bath.

Possibility of a military coup in India

In Hindu philosophy “thoughts are thing” thoughts have an existence of their own. Thoughts generated in the mind of someone don’t reside their permanently; once aired they become the property of the overself, thus everyone; every being is connected to the overself.

Paranormal Indian remedy for winning court cases

This is a paranormal Indian remedy which is used for success in winning court cases and litigation. The remedy makes the use of a simple mantra. The remedy is quite simple to practice and does not require much effort or time. Before the due date when you have to appear in court for the arguments, evidence or any other court proceedings all you have to do is to think of the opposing party; bring his image in your mind and repeat and dedicate the simple mantras given below 108 times to the opposite party.

Vishnu mantra for anger control

This is a Vishnu mantra for anger control. This mantra is suitable for those who are unable to control their anger. Such people get angry at the slightest pretext and indulge in unreasonable actions which they later on regret.

Ganesh mantra for all problems in life

This is a Ganesh mantra for all problems in life. This mantra dedicated to Ganesha or Ganpati as the Siddhivinayaka [the bestower of mastery or the fulfiller of wishes]. Like all Ganesh mantras this one is also a Satvik [pure] mantra and will not works for wrongful or harmful purposes.

Ashtavinayak Mantra

The Ashtavinayak or the eight Ganesha or Ganpati temples are located in small towns near the city of Pune in Maharashtra. The Ashtavinayak Yatra or the pilgrimage to all the eight Ganesha temples is normally completed in 2 days if you commence the Yatra from Pune.

Paranormal Indian remedy for healthy child

This is a most simple Indian paranormal remedy which is prescribed for pregnant women to give birth to a healthy and beautiful baby. The pregnant woman has to take a tablet of Kapur [camphor] and break it into two pieces and light one of the pieces. The other piece has to be kept in a Shiva temple before the idol of Shiva.

Paranormal Indian remedy to regain good health

The Sacred fig tree, Peepal in Hindi has its own unique place in Indian culture and religious beliefs. This tree is known as the “king of tree” in the Hindu religion. The Buddha gained Nirvana while meditating under this tree.

Paranormal Indian remedy for disputes with husband

Fights quarrels and domestic disputes of all kinds between husband and wife are amongst the most common problems faced by people all over the world. I get a lot of mail regarding solutions for this problem, however due to time constraints I find it very difficult to reply to most.

Gayatri Mantra for Kaal Sarp Yog

In Indian culture the Nag or Sheshnag [the serpent having multiple heads] is a much feared and respected deity. One normally comes across images of Vishnu resting upon the Sheshnag in the Ocean.

Kaal Sarp Yog Mantra - 3

This is another Kaal Sarp Yog Mantra which I am giving. You can recite any of the Mantras given for Kaal Sarp Yoga as most of these Mantras have the same effect. You can find the other Mantras and remedies in the section on Astrology Mantras .

Kali Mantra Sadhana to open the Crown Chakra

This is a Kali Mantra which in my opinion is suitable only for the highly developed Sadhaks or the advanced practitioners of Tantra engaged in Kali Sadhana. On a higher plane this is a Mantra which has the Kali Tattva; sought by Tantriks to seek enlightenment. For those seeking to raise the Kundalini Shakti; Kali Mata the fearsome manifestation of the Mother Goddess is present in a dormant state in every body; in the Muladhara Chakra . The sheer concentration and single mindedness of the Sadhak enables this Kundalini Shakti to pierce all the other Chakras and enter and open the Crown Chakra.

Mantra Sadhana to attract money

This is a Mantra Sadhana which is used in some parts of India to attract money . This Mantra Sadhana is considered most auspicious when done on a Ravi Pushya Yoga. If you are somehow unable to do it on this Yoga, then you can do it on any other auspicious occasion which falls on a Sunday, Wednesday or Friday.

Mantra for Meditation on Shiva - 2

This is a continuation of my earlier post where I have give a Mantra to Meditate on Shiva, you can read that post HERE ; The Mantra given in this post is similar to the one given above. This Mantra goes a step ahead and the Mediation in for ultimate bliss or the state of Non – Duality.

Spontaneously arising life forms on other planets

Scientists have speculated that we may discover that actually life may have also spontaneously developed on Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and even on one or more big moons (which of course had gotten formed with somewhat hot deep interiors). So please excuse some numbers computed to maybe slightly compare with some possible not too simple minor early subsurface natural prelife molecules.

Mantra for Meditation on Shiva

This is a Shiva Mantra which is chanted with devotion by those who have renounced worldly life. The meaning of this Panchakshari [5 letter] Shiva Mantra is – The Shiva who helps us survive the Ocean of existence.

Daily Mantra to begin the day with

This is a Recommended Daily Mantra to begin your day with. This is a Shabar Mantra composed in the commonly spoken script of the India of the middle ages. This Mantra is said to ensure that the day passes smoothly, happily and peacefully without any obstacles.

Mantra to improve finance and fix the finances

This is another one of the magnificent Indian mantra to attract the Goddess of wealth Laxmi. This Mantra is to improve finance and fix the finances. Many persons have experienced the fruits of this Laxmi Mantra .

Mantra to avoid falling asleep

This is a Mantra to avoid falling asleep. This Mantra is especially for those who for some particular reason wish to avoid falling asleep. This is one more rare Mantra for specific purposes from the ancient Indian scriptures.

Powerful Mantra to remove Ghosts - 2

This is another one of the powerful and rare Indian Mantras to remove Ghosts from the being of a possessed person. These Exorcism Mantras were and still practiced by practitioners of Tantra in India. This particular Mantra to remove Ghosts has to be recited 108 times holding a cup containing some water in your hand; this binds the water with the Mantra.

Mantra to remove negativity

Conditioning with my promise to post Mantras for each and every problem, I am now posting a rare Mantra to remove negativity. All one has to do is to recite this Mantra 108 times daily and the negativity in your mental framework will vanish and along with it the tensions and worries which have accumulated in your mind will disappear.

Mantra to have Darshan of Dattatreya

This is a rare and secret Mantra to have Darshan [ vision] of Dattatreya. A small 3 word Mantra, this Mantra is said to bring one close to Dattatreya, get his blessings and even have a Darshan of Dattatreya. With the blessings of Dattatreya even the impossible can be achieved. However I must point out here that this Mantra is for spiritually evolved person; seeking only the higher things in life.

Prophecy on the military coup in India

The air is full of a possible attempted military coup in India. The news centering around small scale military maneuvers around the 16th January 2012 is gaining unprecedented attention. Rumors are flying around; one does not know the real truth. But first of all this is a spiritual site all interpretations of the prophecies of Nostradamus and other prophecies done by this site are based upon our own scientific studies. We are not influenced by rumors or colored opinions.

Shiva Gayatri Mantra

This is a deeply spiritual and devotional Mantra of Shiva. This Mantra is often referred to as a Gayatri Mantra ; a Mantra for the illumination of the mind and to come close to Shiva. The Mantra is most suitable to those who meditate on Shiva as the infinite being and those aspiring for spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Hanuman Karya Siddhi Mantra

This is a Shabar Karya Siddhi Mantra of Hanuman . The Siddhi of this Mantra is acquired on any Saturday after sunset by reciting this Mantra 1100 times. This has to be done sitting before an image of Hanuman or in a Hanuman temple. Then you only have to recite the Mantra 3 times before the commencement any important work to ensure success in that work.

Shakti Mantra of Mansa Devi

The Mother Goddess is also known as Mansa Devi; Mansa means the one who fulfils the wishes of devotees. Amongst the various temples dedicated to Mansa Devi is the one situated at Haridwar. This temple located on the top of a hill named Bilwa Parvat in the Shivalik range of the Himalayas is a Siddha Shakti temple.

The actual beginning of natural "life" arising!

Scientists have speculated that future vessels sent by us, able to explore deep enough within other planet and moon surfaces, may discover that in a few cases there could be some slowly developed life forms on more than one other planet here, such as Venus, Mars or Jupiter, life forms different from just our very familiar atmosphere using organic life forms on Earth.

Mantras to remove husband wife differences

There are two Mantras which I am giving today; both of them address one of the most pressing problems faced by most families today; that of differences between the husband and wife. Both the Mantras given in this post are most powerful Mantras to remove husband wife differences. Both these Mantras I have been told are said to work wonders in resolving husband wife differences and usher in domestic harmony .

Bhairav Mantra for eye pain

This is another Mantra which is used to relieve eye pain. This Kshertapala mentioned in this Mantra is Bhairav ; hence the Mantra is dedicated to Bhairav. The procedure is quite simple when eye pain is experienced chant this Mantra 21 times and sprinkle some water on your eyes. This will relieve the eye pain.

Kaal Sarp Yog Mantra Sadhana - 2

The Kaal Sarp Yog or the locking of other 7 planets in between Rahu and Ketu assumes great significance in traditional Indian astrology. I had in earlier post given Mantras as well as remedies which are prescribed in India for those who have this particular planetary configuration in their Birth Charts.

Mantra to gain Clairvoyance and Psychic ability

This is a Mantra to gain clairvoyance and Psychic ability. This ability is also known in India as the Trikal Gyan; the knowledge of the three worlds or the knowledge of the past, present and the future . Ancient Indian sages used a wide variety of methods to tap and enhance this dormant ability, present in most humans. The use of Mantras was also one of these methods.

Mantra to relieve tension before an examination

This is a Shabar Mantra dedicated to Guru Dattatreya which is specially prescribed to students. This Mantra relieves the stress and tension which is felt before an examination. The Mantra also enhances memory power and increases intelligence.

Beej Mantras of Shiva

These are 4 different Ek Akshari or 1 letter Mantras of Shiva. These are the Beej Mantras of Shiva. All these Beej Mantras are salutations to Shiva. However you must remember that Beej Mantras have no meaning attached to them. You will notice that I have given Om as also being one of the Beej Mantras, Om has over a 100 different meanings attributed to it; this is one of those.

Mantra while taking medicines

Health is and should be the first priority; hence the numerous health Mantra which appear on this site. In this post is contained a very small and simple Mantra which is most effective while taking medicines .

Cure of fever through the use of a Gayatri Mantra

This is a Vedic Cure of fever through the use of a specific Gayatri Mantra. Such paranormal remedies were widespread in the Vedic times and they are still practiced in some parts of India. The patient suffering from fever is administered a mixture of the following ingredients – A pinch of Black Pepper A pinch of Turmeric 1 teaspoon of Honey Mixed in a cup of Milk.

Mantra for Ram Navami

Today the 1st of April 2012 is Ram Navami; the auspicious day on which Shri Ram the seventh Avatar of Vishnu manifested on earth. As with every year scores of devote Hindu will celebrating this event with great devotion and sincerity. The Mantra which I am dedicating to Shri Ram today has great significance in the turbulent times which India is facing today. The need of the day is every person being Shri. Ram to oppose the Ravanas who dominate the Indian society.