Possibility of a military coup in India

In Hindu philosophy “thoughts are thing” thoughts have an existence of their own. Thoughts generated in the mind of someone don’t reside their permanently; once aired they become the property of the overself, thus everyone; every being is connected to the overself.

Thoughts are the triggers of a chain reaction. Every great event which changed the course of mankind was first generated as a ‘thought form” in the mind of some individual. Even destructive events like wars, invasions and massacres were first born as thoughts which later on manifested into actions.

One has to look and watch out closely for such thoughts which are likely to herald in change. One such event if you may call it one was the news headlines on the possible attempted “military coup in India “. Now one might never know the truth of the matter; was it real or was the story a plant by someone one very powerful and neck deep in corruption to discredit the Indian army; particularly the Chief Vijay Singh, as most people believe to be.

Whatever the real truth may be, what is now real is that the “thought form” of a military coup in India has now taken birth in the overself. How this “thought form” develops has to be monitored closely. The possibility of a military coup in India seem more real than ever before.

No doubt those opposed to such an action [ read government of India] are likely to or have already taken some pre-emptive measures. But what must be remembered is that the oldest human law "every action has an equal and opposite reaction” will always apply.

This site has already published a lot of material on the rapidly unfolding events in India; the unimaginable looting and the total criminalization of governance. The wheels of change are rapidly unfolding. We live in an extremely fluid and volatile environment in which every thing seems possible.

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