What will cause Judgment Day in India

Come May 2012 and again one will see frenzy as a lot of people await the great earthquake “the big one” predicted amongst others by Nostradamus. It has also been predicted that India will experience a huge earthquake in April or May this year.

Here I must mention that the “big one” will take place in May; but May of which year has not been indicated by the prophets; including Nostradamus. So all one has to do is to wait for the “the big one” it will come out of the blue; whether it’s India or some other country one does not know. Most likely it’s going to be some other country. India might experience a major quake but not “the big one”.

India experiences every year without fail a major natural disaster by way of flooding. One does not give it a second thought. The Geological Survey of India has stated that approximately 12% of India is flood prone. Millions are affected by flooding every year; they loose everything; including livestock and their homes.

The real danger for India is from huge and widespread flooding. Those who are hit by flooding experience a “Judgment Day”. If one goes by this simple logic there are millions who experience “Judgment Day” in India every year.

Now imagine that instead of localized flooding what will happen in case of widespread flooding in India. The entire disaster management system; I think there is one; will collapse. It will be free for all; each one for himself. Then it’s not a localized but a widespread “Judgment Day”.

Yes! I am forecasting the most real prospect of huge and widespread flooding in India. One unbiased look at the situation in India will tell you that the balance has tilted alarmingly in favor of the destructive frequencies in nature. As I had written earlier that when major imbalances occur; there is auto correction as the other two frequencies intervene.

The intensity of the natural disasters and the intensity of imbalance are related; its part of a larger chain reaction the future of India will be guided by this natural law; more than any other factor.

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