Nostradamus - use of biological and chemical weapons in World War 3

This is another of the futuristic Quatrains of Nostradamus which I am inclined to believe refers to the much awaited World War 3. The great stench is the description of  chemical or biological weapons, which are going to be used freely in the course of World War 3. The fire seen in the sky is one such missile carrying a chemical of biological warhead.

Century 8 - 10.
Puanteur grande sortira de Lausanne,
Qu'on ne s├žaura l'origine du fait.
Lon mettra hors tout la gent loingtaine
Feu veu au ciel, peuple estranger deffait.
Century 8 -10
A great stench will come from Lausanne, but they will not know its origin, they will put out all people from distant places, fire seen in the sky, a great foreign nation defeated.

My way of interpreting the Prophecies of Nostradamus is somewhat different than that of others. Nostradamus when in trance was according to me able to visualize one scene at a time. This visualization was from some geographical point in the world; mostly France or the neighboring countries. Thus he was able to visualize a huge war or some great disaster happening somewhere in the world from some fixed geographical point in the world.

The description of the city of Lausanne; a French majority city of Switzerland, bordering France; is incidental. This particular Quatrain was visualized by Nostradamus from the geographical point of Lausanne.

The chemical of biological attack will be so huge that the stench will be experienced in the city of Lausanne. The great foreign nation being defeated is part of the prophecy relating to the Nostradamus prophecy which I have interpreted as being the one relating to the Americans being defeated in the coming World War 3.

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