Iran assassinations a plot to start world war 3

Just as the world entered 2012, I had interpreted a Quatrain of Nostradamus being the one which referred to World War 3 being triggered off due to a couple of major assassinations. The post can be read HERE. At this moment of time the Iran crises looks to be the most likely trigger.

Someone obviously is looking just for that trigger or is trying to create it in quick time. Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, Director of Natanz - Iran's main uranium enrichment facility, was assassinated in a most professional manner.

This comes against the back drop of a series of assassination attempts and assassinations of Irani nuclear scientists and also Iran's alleged assassination plot against Saudi Arabia's ambassador in Washington.

Assassinations seem to be the flavor of the season. Probably the ones who planned these are looking for retaliation or will try to stage manage the retaliation themselves. This someone wants a huge war at all costs.

Now why would that someone want war at all costs?
1] Eurozone is collapsing or already on the verge of collapse.
2] The monetary hold which the new world order has on the world economy will slip with the coming deep  recession European banking is in deep trouble.
3] The Russians after being sidelined are staging a come back on the world scene as a counter force. Strike before they become a super power again and create a power bloc. Strike before China becomes too hot to handle.
4] A huge war will give impetus to a huge demand in production and boost the economy and with it the coffers of the New World Order.

Iran seems to be the chosen fall guy; remember the weapons of mass destruction of Iraq and what eventually came out – they dug a mountain and out came a mouse.

This plan could however could go drastically wrong. What if Iran has nuclear weapons and the delivery capacity? Could this lead to the fleet being destroyed which Nostradamus has spoken about and the unprecedented retaliation which follows.

Now coming back to the assassinations it is most likely that what could follow is the much awaited assassination of Mabus. This Mabus is the one whose assassination is finally going to trigger of World War 3  So watch out for Mabus. The Mabus assassination is most likely to be stage managed.

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