Nostradamus - Global Revolution begins

Nostradamus clearly gives a broad hint of things to come in the Preface to his Prophecies, through the letter written to his son Cйsar Nostradamus. This letter is infact a message of the things to enfold and a warning; so that the general populace can be prepared; mentally as well as physically; building resources for the coming World Climax.

These are some startling experts, which I have interpreted from the preface.
The entire 21st Century will under the grip of wars.
Some countries will be in the grip of Revolutions for a long period of time.
There will be other countries that will suffer due to Revolutions and will stay ruined for a much longer period of time.
Soon the entire world will be in the grip of change, as the existing systems of governance will crumble.
The world nearing the Climax will be in grip of the illuminati [New World Order].
The New World Order will be destroyed and will give way to Monarchy [the rule of the third Anti Christ].
There will be a long period of Natural Disasters like floods, famine, earthquakes, volcanoes and plagues.
No one will be willing to start some sort of system of governance; everyone will feel for his own wellbeing and safety.
Finally will come the Golden Age.

The entire sequence of events described by Nostradamus is a chain reaction of events. The first stage is a chain reaction of Revolutions; a domino effect. The revolutions taking place at the present moment in the Islamic world are the beginning of the end.

The next stage is the revolutions in other parts of the world; there is also the prediction of revolution in India made by Nostradamus. Thereafter will come the developed countries of Europe and finally USA.

The recent riots in England and the Wall Street protests; both spontaneous events are just a tip of the iceberg; an eye-opener of the events which will enfold.

The Global Revolution has commenced. The first and obvious target is the illuminati. The collapse of the New World Order will lead to the collapse of the financial markets. These markets are already on ventilator; propped up the governments in Europe and USA controlled by the New World Order.

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