Nostradamus predicts the occupation of Britain

This is a futuristic Quatrain from the Centuries of Nostradamus. That this Quatrain refers to Great Britain is obvious. This is description of a Naval attack finally cumulating in the occupation of Great Britain.

'Aquilon' the key word here literally translated means “the north wind”. It also means an invasion route from the Baltic Sea through the north Sea; an occupation force landing on the Northern coast of Britain.

This Quatrain also ties up with the Nostradamus prediction that the Americans will be defeated. Here the US naval fleet will partly be destroyed and partly be forced to retreat due to the coming confrontation in the Middle East. The Prophecy regarding the occupation of Britain is likely to be fulfilled shortly after the Navel confrontation in which Nuclear weapons will be freely used by both the sides.

Britain which is the second most important member of the US led alliance will have to pay dearly because of this confrontation. With the USA forced to retreat. the Russian dominated alliance comprising amongst others some Arab and Muslim nations like Iran will attack and occupy Britain.

The naval fleet visualized in this Quatrain by Nostradamus is certainly Russian. It also strongly indicated that the British defenses will be breached through the North Sea.

Nostradamus Prophecy on the fall of England Image
Nostradamus fall of England Image
The efforts of 'Aquilon' will be great: The gate on the Ocean will be breached; The kingdom on the Isle will be restored: London will tremble discovered by sail.

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