Simple Remedy for door facing south

The main door of the house facing the south is considered to inauspicious as per the science of Vastu Shastra.

This hers is a simple Remedy for those who feel that it is inauspicious for the main door facing south.

Every Monday you have to visit a temple of Shiva and offer a Coconut.The Coconut with the head fiber [Shendi] intact must face Shiva. The Coconut should not be broken into two as is the practice. The you must pray for the welfare and protection of your house.

Then after coming home you must do the do the procedure for Vastu Shuddhi which I have described in the Post on -- Vastu Shuddhi.

This particular remedy has also been prescribed for those whose homes are located on slope.

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  3. Hi Sir,

    We are having 2 windows on the western side of the home. And also 2 trees have grown in the nearby building facing near the windows. I was advised to keep convex mirrors facing the trees on the outer wall of the windows. I was also said that trees facing the windows could lead to poor health of family members.

    Also there are trees facing the main door. The trees are on the right side of the building. Trees are in the nearby house. So not possible to remove. The main door is facing south.

    We are also suffering from health related problems.

    Is it advisable to keep the convex mirror on the outer wall of the west side? and near the main door? Will it affect the positive energy coming through the windows and door?

  4. There is no need to practise such complex remedies. There are some simple and easy to practise remedies for attracting positive and healthy vibrations in to the house.
    These remedies are given in the Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra Section of this site.

  5. Dear Sir,
    Door facing south means door facing from outside or inside?
    Means a person who enters home from outside has south direction or person who goes out of home has south direction in front?

    Hope for early reply.

    1. The entry from the outside is taken as the direction in which the door is facing.

  6. Can this remedy be done in front of the shivling, if the temple does not have a idol of Shiv ?

    1. Yes, it is one and the same thing, you can do the Upay in front of the Shivling.


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