Images of Kali Mata Beej Mantra

As the Navaratri festival enters the 2nd day, the festivities and religious fervor continue in full swing. The devote Hindus worship the various manifestations of the mother goddess; Kali Maata is one of the most worshipped.

Here I am giving 3 Images of the famous Kali Mantra; the Beej Mantra “Om Kreem Kalikayai Namaha”.Kreem or क्रीं as it is written in Sanskrit is the Beej Akshar or the Root sound of Kali Maata.

Kali Mata Mantra - 1 3D Image
Kali Mata Mantra - 1

Kali Mata Mantra - 2 3D Image
Kali Mata Mantra - 2

Kali Mata Mantra - 3 3D Image
Kali Mata Mantra - 3

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  1. i daily chant this mantra 108 times and other mantras of maa kali.sir if i consume non-veg food will tht produce negative effects. or is there any problm in consuming non-veg food and doing kali pooja

  2. hiii i want to ask that is there any restrictions or proper method for this mantra( om kreem kalikaye namaha) if yes then plzz tell and how many times it is allowed for person to recite it and which time at night or day

    1. This is a Meditation Mantra and there are no restrictions or methods required, it can be chanted vocally or in the mind.

  3. Hello, Namaste, I'd like to know why you placed a visarga after Kalikayai: in the devanagari. Thank you. Beautiful and very rich website.

  4. Does the mantra "Om kreem kalikayai namaha" require initiation from a Guru? What are the restrictions in chanting the Mantra? How many times this mantra has to be changed to get siddhi. What are the effects of chanting the Mantra? Thank you

    1. The Mantra does not need initiation and can be chanted as many times as desired, except during the Monthly Cycle by women.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Kreem or kleem or kreem what should i use ?

    1. Kreem mool beej Of maa Kali :) Kleem Maya Beej Of Maa Kali, Shree Khrishna And Kaam Dev :) i would suggest you to do Kreem Because is a mool pure beej and totall devotional :)


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