Uma Gayatri Mantra

Uma is another name by which the Goddess Parvati is known as. Uma symbolizes the Universal energy or the divine life energy present in each and every aspect of the Universe. Uma is the consort of Shiva or in the deeper sense the energy or Shakti behind Shiva which is inseparable from him.

She is also known as Gauri, the protector of woman and the giver of plenty. The Gauri Festival celebrated by women is especially popular in most parts of India.

This particular GAYATRI MANTRA of Uma is in response to numerous requests by the readers of this site.

ॐ गिरीजायै विद्महे, शिवा प्रियायै धिमहि l
तन्नो गौरी: प्रचोदयात् ll
Om girijaayai vidmahe, shivapriyaayai dhimahi l
Tanno gauri prachodayat ll

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