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Nirvana Manjari written in the Eight Century, by the great Saint and philosopher Adi Shankara is another classic, which describes the Non Dual state of existence which Shankara describes, in his efforts to lead on towards THE REAL STATE OF MEDITATION, which he has described as the only state which leads one towards real knowledge in BHAJA GOVINDAM-IMMORTAL CLASSIC. Shankara through his writings has described the Non Dual state of existence as the only real state of existence, Shankara teaches that there is really no alternative to this state.


Hanuman is the Hindu God for strength. protection from all diseases, dangers and misfortunes, enemy related problems, health and all problems related to the ill effects of Saturn.Hanuman is the God of self confidence, those who regularly recite these mantras will gain immensely in strength and self confidence,and be able to overcome all difficulties.

Also one can recite HANUMAN CHALISA


The 12 Astrological signs in astrology, divide the ecliptic into twelve equal zones, these 12 Astrological signs have unique sound frequencies associated with them, the Mantras given below are beneficial for those suffering from the ill effects associated with the 12 signs. There are 2 mantras given for each sign, the first mantra is associated with Lagna Rashi or the sign occupied by the moon in the birth chart. Also useful is the NAVAGRAHA CHALISA ENGLISH HINDI and NAVAGRAHA MANTRAS


Shakti in Hinduism means the personification of the universal cosmic energy as the Divine mother, there are various mantras given for the Divine mother who is prayed to in various forms. Skakti is responsible for creation, preservation as well as destruction and is the undivided sum total of THE THREE FORCES OF GOD. These are ancient Hindu Mantras which help one in the fulfillment of whatever one desires and also the ultimate liberation.


Adi Shankaracharaya in the ''Six Stanzas on Nirvana'' written in the 8Th century AD, has given the best description ever of the state of absolute silence, which is in fact a description of the Absolute Transcendent Reality. This is the state, which one has to reach in the MEDITATION OF SILENCE.

This is the state of Non Dualism, which has to be reached. Non Dualism has been described by Ramesh Balsekar, as "Consciousness-at-rest is not aware of Itself. It becomes aware of Itself only when this sudden feeling, I-am, arises, the impersonal sense of being aware. And that is when Consciousness-at-rest becomes Consciousness-in-movement, Potential energy becomes actual energy. They are not two. Nothing separate comes out of Potential energy... That moment that science calls the Big Bang, the mystic calls the sudden arising of awareness..."


Pranayama literally means the control of Prana, or the life force, which causes us to exist, in the body. Prana mostly enters the body through the breath; hence, various schools of Yoga have advocated various types of breathing exercises to control the breath so as to circulate more and more Prana in the body.


Mahalaxmi is the Goddess of wealth, abundance, prosperity and all beneficial things in nature, these Mantras are the unique frequencies which attract these frequencies and with it come the blessings of Mahalaxmi.


Vaisheshika, or Vaiśeṣika, is one of the six Hindu schools of philosophy of ancient India. Historically, it has been closely associated with the Hindu school of logic, Nyaya Vaisesika philosophy of atomism is that all objects in the physical universe are reducible to a finite number of atoms. This school of philosophy traces its origin to the sage Kaṇāda or Kana-bhuk, translated into English as atom-eater, around the 2nd century BC


"Hinduism is a relentless pursuit after truth and if today it has become moribund, inactive, irresponsive to growth, it is because we are fatigued. As soon as the fatigue is over, Hinduism will burst forth upon the world with a brilliance perhaps never known before." (Young India, 24-4-1924)

"What the divine author of the Mahabharata said of his great creation is equally true of Hinduism. Whatever of substance is contained in any other religion is always to be found in Hinduism, and what is not contained in it is insubstantial or unnecessary." (ibid., 27-9-1925)


These are some of the quatrains of Nostradamus, which have been applied by everyone as a description of the French Revolution. I disagree completely with this view; my reasons are that if one observes all the quatrains of Nostradamus describing France, then it is evident that he names cities, towns, landmarks and even proper names that those unfamiliar with France will not understand. This is understandable because Nostradamus was French and he was quickly able to put his finger on what he saw.


Raja Yoga is also called the science of mental excellence. It consists of three main stages, Concentration, Meditation and Contemplation. The system of Raja Yoga tells us how these three stages can be achieved through correct practice. The individual is in yogic science the centre of the universe, and he is in procession of all possible powers. The individual can if he knows the extent of his powers create his own fate and destiny.


The pains and travails of childbirth can easily be minimized and controlled by the means of SELF HYPNOSIS .Research has indicated that the mind of an expectant mother is more receptive and open to suggestions, than the minds of those women not expecting. During labor hours near about the time of Delivery, the anesthetic value of hypnosis has been proved. In ancient times in India and Egypt, the use of hypnosis was very much prevalent to minimize the pains of childbirth. Hypnosis as anesthesia was also used by Mesmer and other magnetize rs with a great deal of success during midwifery.


For the practitioners of Yoga and meditation in western countries this is the recommended diet, the principles are the same as in PROPER DIET FOR YOGA AND MEDITATION-INDIAN

Breakfast-7 to 9 am
1. Any fruit juice, like Orange or Vegetable juice---1/2 glass
2. Any fresh sweet fruit which is easily digestible like fresh sweet apple, peaches, pears, grapes, papaya---1
3. Toast, wheat bread or muffins with butter, or oat-meal or corn-meal with butter---1or 2 slices
4. Scrambled, medium boiled or poached egg---1
5. Health drink with milk and sugar or herbal tea or coffee or tea-----1 cup if required