The 12 Astrological signs in astrology, divide the ecliptic into twelve equal zones, these 12 Astrological signs have unique sound frequencies associated with them, the Mantras given below are beneficial for those suffering from the ill effects associated with the 12 signs. There are 2 mantras given for each sign, the first mantra is associated with Lagna Rashi or the sign occupied by the moon in the birth chart. Also useful is the NAVAGRAHA CHALISA ENGLISH HINDI and NAVAGRAHA MANTRAS

Aries-Mesh 1. Om Vishnave Namah
2.Om kleem shreem lakshminarayana namaha
Taurus-Vrashab 1. Om Vasudevaya Namah
2.Om gopalay uttar dhvajai namah
Gemini-Mithun 1.Om Keshavaya Namah
2.Om kleem krshnai namaha
Cancer -Kark 1. Om Radha-Krishnaya Namah
2.Om hiranyagarbhai avyakt rupane namaha
Leo -Singha 1. Om Hariharaya Balamukundaya Namah
2.Om kleem brahmane jagadadharai namaha
Virgo -Knya 1. Om Hrim Pitambaraya Paramatmane Namah
2.Om namaha peem pitambarai namaha
Libra -Tula 1. Om Sri Ram Dasrathaye Namah
2.Om tatva niranjanai tarak ramai namaha
Scorpio -Vrshchik 1. Om Narayanaya Namah Om Naraya Namah
2.Om naranaya sur singhai namaha
Sagittarius -Dhanu 1. Om Hrim Shrim Krim Dharani Dharaya Namah
2.Om shreem dev krshnai urdhva dantai namaha
Capricorn -Makar 1.Om Shrim Vatsalaya Namaha
2.Om shreem vtsalai namaha
Aquarius - Kumbh 1.Om Shri Upendraya Achyutaya Namah, Om Krim Govinda-Gopalaya Namah, 2.Om shreem upendrai achyutai namaha
Pisces -Meen 1. Om Krim Rathanga - Chakraya Namah
2.Om aam kleem udhvatai

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  1. I have a few questions about how these mantras work. It says the first mantra is associated with the Lagna Rashi, so I assume the second deals with the Janma Rashi? Should one appropriate meditation on our respective Lagna and Janma Rashi for optimal influence on our lives? Can astrological mantras outside our Rashi be imbibed and what would their effect be? I had a thought that if you were to invoke the zodiac mantra of a partner it would help you get along with them. What are your thoughts? Thank you for your time.

    1. In my opinion the Beej Mantras for the Janma Rashi containing Beej Aksharas could prove to be more effective than these Mantras.

  2. Thank you sorry for the delayed response. I see... Om Namah Shivay


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