Nostradamus Timing of Third World War

There are clear references in the prophecies of Nostradamus regarding the exact dating of the third world war or what could probably be the final battle of Armageddon.

In Century 1-51 – Nostradamus refers to drastic changes taking place during the period of the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in the sign of Aries. This dating has been correctly interpreted by most of those who have tried to interpret the various Quatrains of Nostradamus regarding the exact timing third world war.

Such an astrological conjunction of these two planets takes place every 20 years or so in a particular astrological sign. The last conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Aries took place in the year 2000 and the next one will take place somewhere the during the last days of 2020. One however does not know if this astrological occurrence takes place as per Western astrological calculations, Vedic Indian astrological calculations,or any other kind of astrology practiced by Nostradamus. It must be remembered that Nostradamus has warned astrologers not to mis-interpret his prophecies according to their whims and fancies.

What is interesting is that there are signs regarding the events, which are going to occur at the time of this grand conjunction or the eternal changes in the course of the history of the world predicted by Nostradamus in the Quatrains, which adjoin this particular Quatrain.

Quatrain 1-50 describes the person who celebrates Thursday as his day of rest and one who grows more powerful than all the powers in the East. This person is an Easterner who Nostradamus says will be born from the three water signs.  This person has been described as the much-awaited third Antichrist, the one who initiates the third world war.

Quatrain 1-52 describes an assassination of a great world ruler or a powerful personality  in a conference hall. This could again tie up with the Mabus Murder prophecy of Nostradamus, another one of the triggers of the third world war. The Mabus assassination is going to bring about an unprecedented destruction of life and property.

The Quatrains which follow describe what could be the events leading to the third world war, the blood shedding in the land opposite Babylon [Iraq and Syria and the adjoining areas]. Quatrain 1- 56 speaks about great changes, horrors, and vengeance leading to the huge destruction before and after third world war. I S I S, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and the militarization and blood shedding going on it that part of the world and spreading rapidly to other parts of the world.

At the time of writing this article, the circumstances appear to be heading in the direction predicted by Nostradamus. The chain reaction leading to the third world war appears to have commenced.

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  1. Absolutely correct prediction - By god's grace we just escaped the war otherwise lot of lives would have been lost - China Vs India

  2. I agree that the 3rd Antichrist and Mabus is not the same person. According to Bible prophecies Mabus will be the false prophet that continue the work of the ac. Which mean that the ac is no more, as he died a plane crash on a mountain. His death was hidden for a year, and he actually passed on a Thursday. He was also born on a Thursday. He is a Cancer, and his personal war of 27 years have passed already. Mabus will be killed because of corruption, but the culprits wont know that they kill the false prophet. His death will spark a war which will wipe out some christians in his country, preparing the country for the surviving christians that survive ww3. Nostradamus is a code word for his name and the dart which he will be killed by.


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